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MBA: A Diverse Degree

Earning your MBA sets you up for a career in business – and almost everything is business! Today is here to discuss your future’s endless possibilities. Enjoy!

A Master of Business Administration is a key that unlocks many doors to a wide-range of careers. And the options today are more abundant–and interesting–than they were in years past. Here are a handful of choices an MBA grad has after graduation:

Start-up founder.
Let your creativity run. Start-ups are built around everything from media to at-home grocery delivery. For those who are into fashion, Warby Parker is an example of the intersection of fashion and philanthropy (and marketing and business, both of which are going well for the young company). MBA grads can also join existing start-ups as analysts, chief financial officers, or marketers, among other positions.

With the addition of online and social media marketing, this field has changed in recent years. Companies want a public face and interaction with customers and consumers. This is often achieved through Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks.

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It’s not always the most obvious choice for MBA students, but non-profits need chief financial officers and accountants, too. Bonus points for those who have mastered grant-writing. MBA grads with an eye toward social good are also starting their own non-profits; one example includes starting a school in an underserved area.

Many things can be managed: business planning, professional development, finance strategy. Managers are overseers, the captains that keep the ship pointed in the right direction. If you’re a team player and a leader, perhaps you’ll also be a manager. Recent job openings advertised to MBA grads include managers at Coca-Cola, Amazon, Walt Disney and Anheuser-Busch.

For those with an interest in identifying and solving problems, perhaps a career as an analyst is worth consideration. These people evaluate situations, identify strategies and help implement them. Some analysts lean toward finances and accounting. Kimberly-Clark, which includes the brands Huggies and Kleenex, recently advertised for a corporate strategy analyst. Or, maybe you want to be an analyst for a casino in Las Vegas (also recently advertised).

Human Resource Manager.
This position is valuable and the skills and experience translate to many different types of companies. The HR manager is very important to a company because if he or she builds a great team, that translates to a strong company. Someone has to hire, fire, and train new employees at every company, which means you will likely have plenty of options.

U.S. Government.
Recruiters from the commerce, treasury and labor departments, the IRS, and others, are increasingly seeking MBA grads to fill positions.

Some other interesting examples:
Utah State University Jon M. Huntsman School of Business is looking for an “entrepreneur in residence” to help students with “the development, launch and growth of companies that create jobs and grow our economy.” Pabst Blue Ribbon–yes, those affordable cans of hipster beer–is looking for a brand manager.

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One beneficial aspect of an MBA is that it can be used to merge interests. If you have a particular interest in say, education, UC San Diego is looking for a director of MBA admissions. And if you find a way to match your MBA with hobbies or passions, your degree will serve as the vehicle to a superbly fulfilling career. is a graduate student rate & review website. With over 40,000 student reviews and growing, provides a valuable resource to potential graduates students in their graduate school search.

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