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Introducing Grant Brooks, GMAT Blogger by Night!



Introducing Grant Brooks, GMAT Blogger by Night!

Hello everyone! My name is Grant Brooks, and I am very excited to share my journey with you. I am a MBA applicant veteran (Fortunately or unfortunately? We’ll find out!).


My background

I graduated from California State University, Long Beach on a full-ride, and got a finance job in a major company in the aerospace industry. I was hired into their leadership rotation program, and I absolutely LOVE what I do (space is still cool!). As much as I love California, I recently had an opportunity to move to the East Coast for work. Besides taking advantage of a great work opportunity, moving to the East Coast helped me be closer to many of the top ten business schools, making it is easier for me to visit schools and develop that critical network.

Besides my job, I have been involved in a LOT of non-profit work, developing a side consulting/workshop practice, finding new dishes to cook, and crushing mad weight at the gym (mad = modest).

If I’m not working, I’m not happy! And let’s just say I have a permanent smile on my face!


My standing as an applicant

I applied to one school last year (I’ll get into that in future posts), and I was put on the waiting list. I decided to not apply to any other schools and beef up my resume and my GMAT. Speaking of which, I have taken the GMAT once, and with Magoosh’s help, I got a 710! However, I’m bit of perfectionist, and I know I can do better. So I’m studying again to improve my score (which will hopefully happen in about a month).

In the last year, I completed two MAJOR projects, picked up a side job at work, was promoted, and had a few other life changes. Applying to one school last year opened my eyes to how difficult it really is, as well as allow me one more year to prepare. I have a lot of great experience applying to schools, and I’m hoping to pass that on to you.


The schools I am targeting

I am targeting top ten (and beyond)! I will be applying to schools like Harvard, Wharton, etc. this year. I have been working hard for the last five years to make this goal happen, and I feel REAL GOOD this year. In a future post I’ll talk about how I chose my schools.


What am I going to blog about?

I plan on blogging about my experiences from both last year and this year. What resources am I using? How am I completing my applications? How am I visiting schools? What is it like visiting different schools? What programs are out there? How am I preparing for interviews? All these questions and more!

I hope you enjoy this blog and have fun following my journey!


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