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GMAT Student Post: Using an MBA to Switch Careers

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This week, meet Claire, a Canada native who is planning a career change after pursuing her MBA. You’ll want to hear about the flashcard technique she used to raise her score by 20 points on test day! Way to go, Claire! 🙂

About me: I’m from Toronto and I majored in Finance during my undergrad. After working in infrastructure finance consulting for 3.5 years, I switched to a slightly different path and I’ve been living in Kenya for the past two years, working in microfinance across Africa. I plan to apply to MBA programs for the Fall 2016 intake. I’d like to focus on schools which have a strong social enterprise program in order to build upon the work I’ve done in Kenya.

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Biggest challenge: I found the more complex math word problems to be the most challenging of all questions. It took me a long time to sort through the information provided which didn’t leave me a lot of time to solve the problem. If I cut short the amount of time it took to read the problem in order to maximize time to solve the question, I missed one of the critical details and found myself choosing one of the trap answers.

To improve in this area, I first made sure that my understanding of all the basic concepts in the quantitative section was pretty solid by reviewing the material and doing lots of basic practise questions. Then I focused on working through a ton of different word problem examples. It was really helpful that Magoosh has the feature to enable users to specifically practice word problems so that I could customize my practice in these areas.

Helpful tips for other students: As I was going through the material for the first time, I made flash cards to keep track of all the concepts that were being introduced. On one side of the flash card, I would write a concept that could show up on the test (e.g. a right triangle). On the other side, I would outline the tool that I have to answer that question (e.g. Pythagorean theorem). As I got closer to test day, I reviewed all of my flashcards on a daily basis so that I could quickly identify what the problems were testing and which tools I had at my disposal to answer the questions. This helped in a huge way and I believe was the reason I boosted my score on test day by 20 points compared to my practice exams.

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