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Happy Wednesday GMAT study-ers!

Today, I’d like you to imagine this scenario with me: you’ve just gotten home from a long day of work. You’re about to sink into your sofa, finally surrendering to the tiredness you’ve been fighting through the day. But before you get into a comfy position that’ll send you off dream land, you suddenly remember the GMAT test you’ve got coming in a few months–that GMAT prep won’t take care of itself! So you drag yourself off that couch and turn to your Magoosh account (of course!), wishing you at least had someone to study with so you could push through this day together.

Now back to reality! (You can shut off the sad, dreary music that probably started playing in your mind as you read that :)) If you’ve ever felt this way before–and even if you haven’t and would just like someone to study with–then I’d recommend checking out our friends at!

They’re the world’s fastest growing way to find a study partner online in your neighborhood, and they can help. That means you can say “Hello!” to study groups or buddies to prep alongside you for the GMAT. So check out their website and find out more about what they do here.


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