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How GMAT Prep Sets You Up for Success in Your MBA Essays

A guest post from our friends at EssaySnark, enjoy! 🙂

When an MBA candidate tells us that she went through a GMAT prep course from a reputable provider like Magoosh GMAT, we’re impressed. And pleased. We know that she’s got a higher chance of success in the overall MBA admissions process. We know that she’s bringing a lot to the table.

Why is that?

Because it tells us she’s taking this seriously.

It also tells us that she’s built up skills that will serve her well in the rest of the process.

As you know, the GMAT is a big first step in the process of applying for an MBA. Simply studying for the GMAT is a huge endeavor, and the test itself will weed out the faint of heart from even considering applying to bschool. Anyone who dives in and commits to it is showing that they really want to do this MBA thing. And, anyone who seeks out assistance from a good test prep provider has implicitly stated that they understand their weaknesses and are looking for help to fix them. There’s certainly no shame involved in going through a GMAT course. In fact, we feel it’s a major positive – especially when someone is motivated and self-directed enough to choose the very practical online options like Magoosh offers.

One of the benefits that we see GMAT instruction providing to MBA candidates is that it helps them take an honest assessment of their abilities, and make a plan to improve any weak spots. Some may say that assessment and planning are fairly rudimentary skills, however it can be very very difficult to conduct such an assessment on yourself – yet that’s what’s required with the MBA application process. And the planning part can be even harder. Juggling proper test prep in among the already-stressful demands of everyday life is no easy feat to pull off.

These self-assessment and personal planning skills that you gain through your GMAT prep course can be crucial for success in your essays.

EssaySnark works with MBA candidates along the full spectrum of abilities and interests. We’re always happy to know that a bschool candidate has gone through formal GMAT coursework, as it means that they’re ready to roll up their sleeves and get it done when it comes time for the next big push into the essays.

Good luck to you on your GMAT studies and your MBA application strategies!



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