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Choosing an MBA Location – UK

A guest post from our friends at BusinessBecause. Enjoy! 🙂


The UK is one of the most attractive places to study due to its favorable geographic location and the amount of international companies headquartered there. With an enviable list of elite schools competition for places is fierce. However, competition isn’t limited to just domestic students with thousands of overseas students accepted every year.

Here are some profiles of MBA students who’ve chosen to travel to different parts of the UK to study. All of the people featured are active members of BusinessBecause.


Barbara Janker – MBA student at Warwick Business School (class of 2010)

When I was considering an MBA, I knew I wouldn’t want to be far away from home. WBS is good value for money, and one of the most advanced business schools in Europe. Also, I wanted to go somewhere where English is the first language so that I could polish mine!”

Barbara Janker graduated from the University of Vienna with a Masters in Media Studies & Communication. She worked as PR consultant for before moving to ICEP in 2008 to become Head of Media & Communication. Read more about Barbara’s story here.

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Tanya Anand – MBA student at Nottingham University Business School (class of 2011)

“The first day I went to class, the academics had planned so well how they were going to get us to break the ice with a lot of interpersonal skills-building sessions. By the third day of school, everybody knew everybody. Not just by names but we were familiar on a one-to-one basis. There was a great feeling of being the class of 2010-2011 and that is quite amazing to accomplish within a few days.”

Tanya Anand completed two undergraduate degrees, in Film and then Creative Arts and Expressions, from York University, Toronto, Canada. Then she did an MS in Media Management at the University of Stirling, Toronto, Canada. Professionally she’s worked for AC Nielsen, TNS Global and the Eveready Group of Companies, owned by her family. Read more about her story here.


Saumya Vardhan – MBA student at Imperial College Business School (class of 2010)

“The MBA course has a strong focus on entrepreneurship – that was the main reason I chose Imperial. Imperial has a strong brand name and an extensive alumni network that was very useful in looking for job opportunities.”

Saumya Vardhan completed a degree in Statistics at Delhi University and did a Masters in Operational Research at Lancaster University. In 2008 she co-founded India’s first aviation consulting company, Starair Consulting, with her father. Read more about Saumya’s story here.


Yacouba Ouedrago – MBA student at University of Exeter Business School (class of 2011)

“Diversity at Exeter makes a difference; for instance our MBA class has 40 students from 22 nationalities coming from different professional backgrounds and industries. All five continents are represented.”

Yacouba Ouedrago has over 18 years of professional and management experience in the rural development sector of West Africa. Before he started his MBA he was working for TREE AID, a UK-based charity, as their West Africa Programme Coordinator in Burkina Faso. Read more about Yacouba’s story here.


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Meenakshi Ram – MBA student at University of Bath School of Management (class of 2011)

“I wanted a school where there was a smaller-than-average class size because I did not want to be overwhelmed by a large cohort. We have become a community. Also, at Bath, the faculty and staff are very approachable and always have time to attend to you.”

Meenakshi Ram graduated with an MSc in Biotechnology from the University of Madras with in 2005. She then worked in increasingly senior research roles in two major Indian pharmaceutical firms, but embarked on the Bath MBA to learn to think “more laterally”. Read more about Meenakshi’s story here.

David-Anthony Gordon is a journalist at, a professional networking and news site for the business school world. It also includes helpful information such as MBA rankings and MBA jobs and has fresh daily content.


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