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Choosing an MBA Location: Australia

A guest post from our friends at BusinessBecause, to continue their “Choosing an MBA Location” series (previously: Mainland Europe and Asia). Enjoy!

Australia, a land of contrasting landscapes: lush tropical rainforests and barren red deserts, modern cosmopolitan cities and the ancient out-back towns, home to some of the most deadly, venomous snakes and spiders in the world. But how does Australia fare as a top destination for higher business education?

Australia’s booming economy, close proximity to Asia and exceptionally high living standards make it an attractive business education destination. In the current climate, studying in an English speaking country that offers genuine career prospects when you graduate coupled with the ‘out-door lifestyle’ and endless beaches make Australia an attractive proposition.

Here’s some thoughts from members on why they chose to study down-under…


EAST COAST – AGSM MBA Programs, Sydney

The Australian Graduate School of Management (AGSM), certainly benefits from its excellent location in Sydney, on Australia’s south-east coast. In 2011, it’s MBA program was ranked first in Australia and 36th in the world by the Financial Times and fourth in Asia Pacific by the QS Global 200 Business Schools Report. The school also has received both AACSB and EQUIS accreditation.


Matthew Barnett – AGSM MBA Alumni

When asked ‘Where was the best country you’ve visited this year?’ Matthew Barnett, an AGSM MBA alumni, answered…

“The best country I’ve visited this year, well I’ve actually just stayed in Australia studying and also setting up a business, so it would have to be here! That said I spend a lot of my free time exploring, and have travelled all over Australia; the fact its bigger than Europe and pretty much the same size as the USA, you don’t need to go overseas to experience a wealth of alternative landscapes and climates. The north is tropical and deadly, where crocodiles, snakes and spiders run rife, but beautiful and wild too, from the rainforests to the barrier reef. The west is classic red desert Australia with the big red kangaroos, Wedge tailed eagles, 50,000 year old aboriginal heritage and rolling deserts. The south hosts Melbourne and Adelaide, the more cultural cities, with temperate climates, home to some of the best surf spots in Australia, and the arts capitals of the country.”

Read the full story with quotes from other b-school students around the world here.


Elad Sherf  – AGSM MBA Alumni

Elad Sherf, an Israeli lawyer, moved from Tel Aviv (where he’d been born and raised) to Sydney Australia to do the AGSM MBA…

Despite obvious cultural differences, Sherf didn’t experience any great cultural shock. “Sydney in a way is very similar to Tel Aviv. And the language isn’t such a huge barrier, as we’ve been studying English in Israel since fourth grade!” he says.

His AGSM MBA days “have to be valued at a number of levels”; says Sherf, but the “diversified experience” he had was the highlight.

He says: “We had 60-plus people from more than 30 countries, and it was very interesting to experience Australia and that part of the world. It was awesome. I’ve made friends that will last for life.”

Read Elad’s full story here.


WEST COAST – Edith Cowan University, Perth

Western Australia has a booming economy; rich in natural resources such as iron-ore, gold, natural gases and wheat. If Western Australia were a country of its own it would be in the top 50 economies in the world.

Western Australia is a territory making up a third of the continent but with only 10% of the population. Economists are warning that skill shortages coupled with wage and price increases could damage the economic growth. The country is calling out for skilled workers, businessmen and women to maintain growth.

Along with white beaches and a thriving metropolitan area, Perth is also home to Edith Cowan University’s Perth Graduate School of Business.


Michelle Slater – ECU MBA Alumni

Studying in Australia means that a student will have access to a quality education while having the opportunity to work with fellow students from diverse cultures and backgrounds.

I think this is a key advantage in the global economy and goes hand in hand with an MBA – the ability to be flexible and work productively with anyone, no matter the cultural differences. I am a firm believer that valuing diversity in a team bringing about better results, and I think diversity in the student body does a similar thing for your education and skill set.

I was drawn to ECU because of the flexibility – I worked full time while I was studying so it was important for me to be able to attend classes at night. The intensive summer and winter school units on weekends were handy as well.

Read Michelle’s full interview here.


Minh Phan – ECU MBA student

Studying for an MBA at Edith Cowan University made such an impression on Vietnamese styudent Minh Pham, that she says would chose Edith Cowan University again if she had to reapply to business school.

Minh Pham applied to the ECU MBA on the recommendation of a friend in Hanoi, who had loved his time on the Edith Cowan MBA. She was attracted to apply because of its location, its high standards of teaching and especially its affordability.

Edith Cowan University also provides a lot of little perks for its students that don’t go unnoticed. For example, if you’re working late at the library, the campus security service will escort you to the bus stop. The ECU Student Village, where Minh lives, is very safe and a great place to make friends from all over the world.

Watch Minh’s full interview here.


About the author: Sian Fleming Jones is a director at – professional network for business students – helping you make connections before, during and after your MBA. You will find many more stories like the ones mentioned in this article by searching the website as well as useful information on MBA rankingsMBA jobs, and fresh daily editorial such as the Why MBA  series.


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