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An MBA in Europe: Culture Counteracts Economic Woes

A guest post from our friends at BusinessBecause. Enjoy! 

With Eurozone woes showing little sign of ending, you would be forgiven for asking whether Europe is really the best place to study an MBA at the moment. However, there are still plenty of strong arguments for studying in Europe: as the home to world’s oldest universities and many top business schools, an MBA in Europe remains a strong prospect.

If you take the time to look at the unemployment rates across European countries, you will find considerable variation – and, naturally, post-graduate employment is the top concern of those who apply for an MBA course abroad. Whilst Spanish unemployment is painfully high at 23.6%, the unemployment rates in France and the UK are a slightly less frightening 10% and 8.3% respectively. Germany stands at 6.7%, and Switzerland’s unemployment rate is an impressively meagre 3.1%. If you’re hoping to work in the same country as you take your MBA in, take time to decide which economies are still fairly buoyant.

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A considerable benefit of business school in Europe is the opportunity to expand your linguistic horizons. Being multilingual is a vital skill in the increasingly global job market, and whilst English may seem to be a global language, it is also important to be fluent in the local language to make it in Europe. All good European business schools can provide language teaching, ensuring you leave with an additional language as well as your MBA.

For people who have a first degree in engineering, Europe – and the UK in particular – should be a serious contender for an MBA destination. As a result of the shortage of skilled workers with an engineering background, post-graduate employment opportunities are strong. Once an engineering degree has been supplemented with an MBA, you will be a top pick for recruiters.

European business schools also boast a whole range of cultural draws. The University of Oxford’s Said Business School gives MBAs the opportunity to study at a beautiful and prestigious establishing, with students taking in famous sights whilst being reassured by the fact that teaching at Oxford is said to have begun as early as 1096. The University of Bath School of Management is situated in a Roman Spa town, and is littered with exemplary Georgian architecture. France’s Ecole Supérieure de Commerce of Paris (ESCP Europe) may not have a history which can be traced back as far as Bath or Oxford, but it’s claim to be the oldest business school in the world – having been established in 1819 – should be a draw for business people with an interest in history.

Few would turn down the opportunity to study at HEC Paris, where the Louvre is on your doorstep, whilst an MBA in the UK allows regular access to more contemporary galleries, including the Tate Modern, the Hayward Gallery, and the National Gallery in London. ESADE in Barcelona offers a modernist take, as the city of Gaudi. For those who would rather fill the precious hours between classes with great shopping, Milan’s SDA Bocconi and MIP Politecnico di Milano allow fashion lovers to enjoy the best of Italian design.

As the location of your business school will also be your home for the duration of your studies, Europe can certainly offer a wealth of charms to counteract economic woes – I would certainly rather worry about the business world when Paris is the skyline!

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