Where to Find Your GED Test Results

Where to Find Your GED Test Results

Almost all GED test-takers receive results within hours of taking the exam. But where else can you find your GED test results? Everything you need is available anytime online!

Online GED Test Results

According to the GED Testing Service, test results are available in as few as three hours, or as many as 24 hours, of completion of each GED subject test. You will receive an email when your test results are ready for viewing.

If you don’t receive any results within four business days, contact your local testing facility. They will need your original testing account information, email address and driver’s license to help find your information.

GED Test Results at MyGED

Visit your MyGED online portal to find all of your GED test results. As long as your account is active, you have access to all your GED information. Print test results for your files or download them directly onto your home computer. You can also forward GED test results directly to schools or employers per their request.

Once you log into your account, view your results in the “My Scores” section. GED test results are divided into three categories, indicating different ranges of abilities and college readiness. The higher you score, the more educational options you have available to you.

Your Enhanced Score Report provides feedback on each GED subject test. It explains which skills you successfully demonstrated and which skills you should continue working on. A personalized study plan is also included, giving individual support if you need to retest any subjects.

GED Test Transcripts and Credentials

Once you pass all four subject tests, your GED transcripts and diploma will be waiting in your online portal. These initial test results are not official transcripts—they only provide confirmation that you successfully passed the GED.

Request official transcripts and credentials from the state in which you took the GED. You can find specific directions for your individual state through the GED testing service. Allow enough time when making your request, as most states send official documents through snail mail.

Certain states offer additional GED credentials called Smart Transcripts. Smart Transcripts offer features such as your student percentile rank and performance on individual subject tests. Send these to prospective colleges or employers who want a more in-depth view into your academic skills and abilities.

Did you pass the GED? Congratulations! Visit your MyGED portal for additional resources in planning for future educational or employment options.