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Beth Gonzales

When to take the GED test

take ged test

When to take the GED test is a very personal decision. You want to be in top form so you will successfully pass the GED! But how do you really know you are ready? Read more to find out if you should schedule your GED test.

1. How do you feel about each subject on the GED?

Is there something you still need to study or do you feel secure in your content knowledge?

Test-takers often neglect one subject over the rest. Now is the time to make sure you feel solid in all GED content areas, not just two or three. A good way to quick-check if you really understand material: try and explain it to a friend. If you can teach someone else how to solve a problem or answer a question, then you know the information well.

2. Are you passing your practice tests?

How many questions are you getting correct? How many are you still missing?

Practice tests are a great indicator of future test results. If you pass tests on a regular basis, congratulations! You might be ready to take the GED. If you consistently get low scores on your practice exams, look to find what subjects you still need to work on.

Practice tests are available for every subject through the GED testing service. You can also find study guides, FAQs and reading passages. Thousands of free resources, materials, tips and ideas are also available online to help direct and focus your GED study efforts.

3. How long do you study for?

When you sit down to study, can you study for 60-90 minutes with no breaks?

If your focus drifts after a short while, you might want to work on your stamina. The entire GED test is over 7.5 hours long. Even if you test one subject at a time, each test is a minimum of 45 minutes. Practice building up your study time stamina until you can stay focused for a minimum of 60 minutes without getting distracted.

How familiar are you with each GED subject test?

Have you looked into the specific content of each test?

Knowing what is covered on each test helps you prepare. Look at the number and type of questions that are asked, as well as how much time is given to complete each test. Get familiar with the details of the GED and what is expected of you.

Use the above questions to help guide you in figuring out when to take the GED test. To find out if you are really ready, create an online MyGED account and take an official GED practice test!

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