Ontario GED Test Requirements

Ontario GED Test Requirements

Are you taking the GED exam in Ontario to earn your high school equivalency certificate? Each province does things a little differently, so it’s important to read up on the details for where you plan to take your test. Read on for the Ontario GED test requirements.

What does the GED look like in Ontario?

Unlike the United States and many other areas that use a newer version, Ontario still uses the 2002 version of the GED. Make sure when you study you’re looking at exam materials for the correct version of the test.

The 2002 series GED is made up of five subject tests:

Test Number of Questions Time
Language Arts: Writing (Part 1)501 hour, 15 minutes
Language Arts: Writing (Part 2) 1 (essay)45 minutes
Language Arts: Reading 401 hour, 5 minutes
Mathematics501 hour, 30 minutes
Social Studies 50 1 hour, 10 minutes
Science 50 1 hour, 20 minutes

Learn more about what’s on the 2002 series GED.

To pass, you’ll need at least a 450 out of 800 on each of the five tests, for a total score of at least 2250 on the entire exam.

You should also note that unlike many other locations, the Ontario GED exam is a pencil-and-paper (rather than computerized) test.

Who is eligible to take the GED in Ontario?

The Ontario GED test requirements are that test-takers:

  • be at least 18 years old
  • have not graduated high school
  • have been out of school for at least one full year
  • are residents of Ontario
  • are Canadian citizens or legal residents for at least 6 months

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How much does it cost to take the GED in Ontario?

The entire GED test (all five subject tests) costs $100. Retaking the exam is the same price.

How do I register for the GED in Ontario?

The Independent Learning Centre is the sole provider of the GED in Ontario, so you’ll need to register through them.

The steps to registration are:
1. Find your preferred time and location on the GED® Test Schedule.

2. Gather the following documents:

  • A printed and completed GED® Tests Application form
  • Proof that you are over 18 (a photocopy of a birth certificate, driver’s license, photo health card, or passport)
  • For candidates who are 18 years old: a date of leaving letter from the last high school attended
  • For home-schooled candidates: a letter from the local Board of Education stating that the student has been home-schooled

3. Mail the documents, application, and $100 fee to the ILC at least 4 weeks before the date you plan to test:

GED® Coordinator at the Independent Learning Centre
PO Box 200, Station Q, Toronto, ON M4T 2T1

For more information, visit the ILC GED registration page.

What do I have to do to prepare for the GED in Ontario?

Legally, nothing. You are not required to take a class, a practice test, or anything else before you can sit for the GED.

It is highly recommended that you study, however, whether on your own or in a class. Find a GED prep center near you.

You can also learn more information about the exam by visiting the GED Testing Policies page for Ontario, the ILC’s GED page, or the Ontario Department of Education’s Adult Learning page.