Last Minute GED Tips

Last Minute GED Tips
As your GED test quickly approaches, you may be searching for a few extra things to do in order to ensure a passing score. It always makes sense to review academic skills, but getting rest, eating well and taking time to relax are good ideas, too. Here are some last minute GED tips to help you finish your prep and test your best.

Last Minute GED Tips

The Week before the GED

  • Keep studying
    Keep up with your study habits, even if you feel you know all the information. Aim for a quick 30-minute review every day to keep your skills ready to test! Take a few online practice tests or run through some free flashcards. Anything to keep your brain active and on task.
  • Review your least favorite subjects
    There are just some subjects that are more of a struggle than others. Make a point to pay special attention to those subjects throughout the week. Don’t try to learn a bunch of facts last minute, just try to keep yourself comfortable with information you find difficult.
  • Get some sleep
    Many people recommend a good night’s rest the evening before a test. What few people realize is that cramming hours of extra sleep into just one evening doesn’t do very much. In order to reap the benefits of being well-rested on test day, go to bed early each night the entire week before the test. Come test day, your brain will be working at optimal performance!

The Night before the GED

  • Just relax
    Resist the urge to cram the night before your test. Research shows that people learn best when studying information consistently, not at the last minute. Instead of stressing out over studying, do something to keep your mind off the test. Go see a movie, hang out with a friend, or blow off some steam on a walk.
  • Pre-Pack
    Before going to bed, lay out everything you will need the next day – snacks, test materials, even your clothes. Take care of any “extras” during the evening so that all your attention can be focused on the GED in the morning. Get to bed a little earlier than usual so you will be well rested while taking your test.

The Day of the GED

  • Eat breakfast
    Eating within 30 minutes of waking up jump-starts both your brain and metabolism. Breakfast lets your body know it is time to get thinking.
  • Take everything you need (and leave what you don’t behind)
    GED services provide erasable note boards to take into the testing room. If you want to use a calculator during the exam, you may bring a TI-30XS Multiview Scientific Calculator. Personal belongings such as cell phones, handbags, backpacks, wallets, keys are not allowed in the testing room. There is storage for these items at the testing facility, but it is very limited.
  • Get there a little early
    Arrive at the testing center 15 minutes before testing begins. This gives you time to check in and get comfortable with your surroundings. If you arrive more than 15 minutes after your scheduled testing time, you may not be admitted and could lose your test fee.

During the GED

  • Read the answers first
    The GED tests your ability to analyze a question, think critically and select the best possible choice as your answer. Identifying what you need to answer first actually makes a question easier to answer because you already know what the test is looking for.
  • Read and then reread
    If you come to a difficult section in the test, read it again – out loud. Reading aloud helps slow down your pace so you can concentrate on the words. Rereading helps deepen your understanding of text, which in turn helps you better analyze and comprehend information when answering questions.
  • Pace yourself mentally and physically
    Seven hours is a long time to take a test. Note how long each question is taking you to complete, and make sure you are moving through the test at a steady pace. During breaks, get up, go grab a drink of water and walk around. Sitting for extended periods of time causes your brain to become lethargic, and you don’t want to get tired during your test!
  • Be confident
    All of your test prep and hours of studying are finally going to pay off. Walk confidently into the testing center knowing you are as prepared as you can be. Believe in yourself and your academic skills!