Last Minute GED Prep

Last Minute GED Prep

Maybe you’ve been studying hard all along and are just looking for a way to finish strong. Or maybe… you’ve put it off and now you’re in panic mode. Either way, we’ve got you covered with tips for last minute GED prep.

Last Minute GED Prep Plan

Do a Self-Check

If you haven’t already, take a practice test. This is the best and fastest way to gauge where you are and what you need to study. Find a quiet place alone, do an entire subject test in one sitting, and time yourself to simulate real testing conditions as closely as possible. You’ll want to get an idea of what the time frame feels like and what to expect from the test questions. The fewer surprises on test day, the better.

Once you’ve finished your practice test and gotten your score, use it to take stock of where you are. Things to look for:

  • The areas where you did really well: Give yourself a high five and sigh with relief that these are things you don’t have to stress about. You’ve got this! These topics and skills can just get a quick review as a refresher before the test, but there’s no need to spend more time with them. Focus your efforts elsewhere.
  • The areas where you struggled most: Pay careful attention to these. Look for patterns in the topics and types of questions you tended to get wrong. This is where you will want to spend the bulk of your last minute GED prep time, focusing on the areas of weakness.

Study Smart

Once you’ve figured out what to study, try these tips for making the most of your limited study time:

  • Make a schedule. Plot out what you need to study and divide it up based on how much time you have left. Make it a prioritized list that focuses on the areas where you need the most practice.
  • Use flashcards to review key concepts. You can use the old-fashioned index card kind, or a more high-tech option, like these great free mobile flashcards from Quizlet.
  • Focus on honing skills. The GED is more a test of skills than of fact-memorization. Don’t get bogged down in the seemingly overwhelming amount of information that can show up on the GED. Make sure you know the “big picture” topics in each content areas and then spend your time practicing skills like reading comprehension and interpreting information found in sources like graphs, charts, map, and diagrams.

Gearing Up for Test Day

The day before the GED is very important to how you’ll fare on test day. The night before the exam, don’t stay up late having a cram session. Get a good night’s sleep so you’ll be well-rested. Have your clothes picked out, your ID and registration ready, and your route to the testing site figured out the night before the test. You want to have as few responsibilities as possible the morning of the test. Set an alarm to wake up early, giving yourself plenty of time. Eat a good breakfast, then leave early so you’re not rushed on your way to the testing site.

Most importantly, try to remain calm and have confidence in the knowledge and skills you’ve gained. Good luck!