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Beth Gonzales

Important GED Information for Test Day

Important GED Information for Test Day
All those months of studying are going to pay off. You are ready to pass the GED exam. But are you ready for test day? Read this important GED information so that you are all set to go the day of your test!

Your MyGED online portal

If you haven’t done so already, create an online account with MyGED. Your account gives you access to free online study materials, GED practice tests, score reports and study plans.
You can also watch GED testing tutorials through your online portal. These tutorials help test-takers understand what to expect during testing. They are an easy way to find additional information about how the GED testing process works.

Schedule your exam

Schedule all your tests through your online portal. Click on the “Schedule Test” tab at the top to answer testing questions, select your test subject, choose your preferred day and time and pay for your test. Testing costs differ by state, so check your local testing policies.

Select one GED subject at a time, in any order you choose. You do not have to complete all four subject tests on the same day. The entire GED test takes around seven hours to finish. If you decide to test all in one day, make sure you have enough time!
If you schedule more than one subject on the same day, you do not receive a lunch break automatically. Schedule each subject separately so that you have time in between tests that you can use as a lunch break.

GED Test Day

Arrive at the testing center 30 minutes before your first test begins. This gives you time to check in, get comfortable and take a deep breath before you start. If you arrive 15 minutes late to your testing time, you may not be admitted and could lose your test fee.
All GED testing takes place on a computer. If your test is difficult to read, it is possible to change what your test looks like on your computer screen. You can alter the on-screen color, text size or highlighting capabilities on your test.
Visit your MyGED portal to get a feel for the computer testing experience. Select “Test Tips” at the top, then watch the tutorial. The interactive video offers a great way to practice your test before the real thing.

What to Bring (and NOT bring) on Test Day

Identification is required at check-in. Valid IDs must be government-issued and current. Examples of accepted IDs: your passport, driver’s license or learner’s permit, state identification card. Local policies differ by state so you might have to provide more than one form of identification.
GED services provide three erasable note boards and a marker to use while you test. If you want to use a calculator during the exam, you may bring a TI-30XS Multiview Scientific Calculator. Testing facilities do not supply calculators for personal use during testing.
During your test, you can’t eat, drink, smoke or use your phone. Personal belongings such as cell phones, handbags, backpacks, wallets and keys are not allowed in the testing room. Most testing facilities have storage space, but it is limited.
All of your test prep and hours of studying are going to pay off. Congratulations on taking this next step in your educational career! Good luck!
For more in-depth information on how to schedule your exam, visit GED Testing Days Schedule.

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4 Responses to “Important GED Information for Test Day”

  1. Sharon Simmons says:

    Why was I ask to take my ever
    Day bracelet and necklace off
    To take the ged test

    • Magoosh Test Prep Expert Magoosh Test Prep Expert says:

      Hi Sharon,

      Some test centers may ask you to remove jewelry. You can contact the test center to ask for their policies and procedures as well as any state rules about what you can wear in the testing center.

  2. Jaimee says:

    Hi! for the GED test am I allowed to use my notes that I used to study for? I have a very bad memory so I use notes all the time as little reminders for things.

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