How Much Does the GED Cost?

You can’t put a price on the value of an education, but there is a price for the GED exam. Here’s a breakdown of what to expect to pay when you’re planning to take the GED.

How much does the GED cost?

The short answer: It depends on where you take the test, but in most cases, the total for all four GED subtests ranges between $80-$150.

The longer answer: Different states (or other jurisdictions if you’re an international or military test taker) charge different fees. No matter where you take the test, there is a $20 GED testing services fee per subject test. Most locations charge a small additional fee on top of that.

Here’s how to find out exactly what you can expect to pay:

  1. Visit the GED Jurisdiction Policies page.
  2. Click on your location.
  3. When redirected, there will be a link near the top of the page for “Price and Payment.” This will let you jump down the page to find the exact cost.

Prices are listed per subject test, so multiply by four to find out what the total cost will be.

Here’s an example:
Say you are taking the test in Florida. Florida charges $12 per subject test on top of the $20 standard GED testing services fee, for a total of $32 per subject test. So your costs would be:

Reasoning Through Language Arts$32
Mathematical Reasoning$32
Social Studies $32

NOTE: Military personnel may be eligible for fee reimbursement.

When do I pay for the GED test?

You will have to pay when you register for each subject test. When you take the GED, you can choose whether to take all four subject tests at once or to take them on separate testing dates. Since each subject test has a separate fee, you can pay as you go, paying for each one as you register to take it. Some students find it helpful to spread out the cost over time in this way. You can register and pay online by logging into MyGED.

How much does it cost to retake the GED?

If you don’t pass your GED the first time around, you can always retake any or all of the subject tests you need until you achieve a passing score. You even get a discount on the subject tests you have to retake.

The $20 GED testing services fee is waived for up to two retakes per subject test. Some states still charge their own fee for retakes; others don’t. Find out your retake price.

Let’s take that Florida student again. Florida still charges its $12 fee on retakes, so if the student had to retake all four subject tests, the retake cost would be $12 x 4 = $48.

Now that you know how much the GED costs, you’re ready to take the next steps towards earning your GED. Learn more about MyGED and then register to get started.