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Beth Gonzales

How long should I study for the GED?

How long should I study for the GED?

How long should you study for the GED? According to the GED testing service, the majority of students spend an average of three months studying for the GED. But don’t let someone else’s timeframe determine yours!

Studying for the GED

Students who study have a far greater chance of passing than those who don’t. Taking the GED before you are academically ready puts you at risk for a low score. Study for as long as you need in order to be successful the first time you test!
The length of time it takes to earn a diploma is determined by how often and how efficiently you study for the GED. Research recommends studying at least 1-2 times a day, 40-60 minute sessions each time. Use our fun tips and ideas to make the most of your GED study time.

Study Options for the GED

If you are willing to pay, many community colleges offer in-person GED prep classes. Paid online programs are also available to guide you through self-paced instruction. Either option provides a comprehensive review of subject test content and vocabulary.
If your GED budget is already stretched a little thin, hundreds of free study options are also available online:

  • Create an account with MyGED and gain access to their study materials, testing tutorials, GED FAQ and much more. This is also the official testing site of the GED, so their materials are aligned with the current GED test.
  • Make flashcards using Quizlet or StudyBlue. Create your own set of flashcards with the exact material you need to study for the GED. Both sites allow you to test yourself on key skills and monitor your progress. You also have access to flashcards and games already designed by GED teachers and other students!
  • Find study materials. Do a quick online search for “free GED practice.” You can also search for individual subject tests or content, such as “mathematical reasoning” or “GED reading passages.” Many sites also offer practice quizzes with answer keys so you can monitor and track your progress.
  • Take notes online using Evernote or OneNote. Create, color code and sort notes according to your study needs. Keeping all your notes in one place helps keep study time focused and efficient.

How to know when you are ready for the GED

Unlike high school, the GED has no final exam schedule. When you schedule your subject tests is entirely up to you. How do you know if you studied long enough? If you are unsure about your level of preparedness, take a practice exam first!
Select and pay for practice subject tests online through your MyGED account. Each subject test costs around $6, and (in my opinion) is well worth the money. At the end of each test, MyGED provides you with an individualized study guide, outlining which skills you did well on and which need more work.
Online practice exams can save you both time and money in the long run. GED testing services recommends these tests as a good prediction of your final testing outcome. Take one and see what your future score could be!

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