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Beth Gonzales

How Can I Get My GED?

How Can I Get My GED?

If you find yourself asking, “how can I get my GED?” here is your answer! Through hard work, diligent studying and 3-8 months of preparation.
Of course, every student is different. Some can be ready to earn their GED in weeks, while others take years. Whatever timeline you set for yourself, follow our easy steps to get your GED.

Create a MyGED account online

This is an important first step in getting your GED. A MyGED account provides access to hundreds of free resources and materials created by the official GED testing services. Take practice exams, find study guides and watch testing tutorials all through your online portal.
You also find testing centers and schedule your GED subject tests through this account. Signing up for a MyGED account is your very first step towards earning a GED. Take a minute and sign up right now!

Familiarize yourself with GED test content

The next big step is understanding what is on the GED. The GED is a rigorous exam designed to measure subject knowledge at the same level as high school seniors. In fact, only 60% of high school seniors can pass the GED!
The GED is a computer-based exam divided into four content areas. Each subject test is individually timed and represents a different academic skill set. GED questions require critical thinking, understanding of concepts and synthesizing information. This is not a test where a simple “yes” or “no” answer is sufficient!
Specific test information can be found at GED Testing Service, and also through Magoosh blogs. Read through everything! The more you are aware of what is on the test, the more focused you can be while studying.

Study, study, study!

Several study guides are available through Magoosh and plenty more can be found online. Formulate a checklist of major concepts on the GED. As you go through the list, determine which skills you are comfortable with and which you need to practice more.
Study at least once a day for a minimum of 40 minutes. If your schedule allows, aim for 90 minutes of studying per day. Use your checklist often to help keep your focus and monitor growth. Remember that this part takes time! Don’t rush through your studies—you want to be fully prepared so you can get your GED!

Schedule your exam

Find a testing site and schedule your exams through your MyGED account. You can schedule your entire GED in one day (it takes over 7.5 hours, so make sure you have enough time!) or spread out your subject tests. GED tests are pay-as-you-go, which is a great option is testing fees are an issue.
View step-by-step directions on scheduling GED tests and locating a testing site.

Earn your degree and order transcripts

Pass every subject test and you can get your GED. Congratulations! Use your MyGED account to view test scores and order your official diploma and transcripts. Official documents are sent via snail mail to the address you provide at time of testing.
For more detailed information on understanding test scores, ordering transcripts or anything GED, visit our awesome Magoosh blogs!

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