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Beth Gonzales

GED Testing Days Schedule

GED Testing Days Schedule

The GED makes it easy to schedule your testing days. When you test—and which subject test you take—is completely up to you. When you sit down to create your GED testing days schedule, there are some important tips to keep in mind.

MyGED online account

If you have not done so already, create a free online account with MyGED. This online portal gives you access to great GED resources such as practice tests, study guides, FAQs and more. Schedule all your tests (and see your scores!) through your account as well.

Create your GED Testing Days Schedule

When you are ready to create a GED testing days schedule, click on the yellow “Start Scheduling” button on your MyGED dashboard. Answer questions about your education, work status, study habits and additional information before scheduling your first test.
For complete step-by-step instructions on how to schedule your GED subject tests, visit the GED testing schedule.

  • Your testing days schedule
  • How you arrange your GED testing days are completely up to you. You can take one test at at time or schedule them all on one day—whatever works best for your personal schedule. If you decide to test all in one day, remember that the entire GED takes over seven hours to complete!
    The GED does not require that you test all at the same time. Feel free to spread out your testing. Taking exams one at a time is a smart strategy to employ if you are nervous about the testing process or feel unprepared in a certain subject. Plus, you only pay for one exam at a time, which can be beneficial if testing fees are an issue.

  • Include drive time
  • The GED testing service recommends arriving at your testing center 30 minutes prior to your first test. When creating your GED testing days schedule, keep in mind how long it will take to drive to your testing facility and at what time of day you will be driving. Select testing times that fit into your everyday schedule.

  • Find the best options for you
  • If you choose to test more than one GED subject at a time, GED scheduling only shows days and times that are open long enough for both tests. For the greatest selection of testing options, opt to test one subject at a time.

  • Schedule lunch
  • If you schedule more than one subject test in the same day, you do not receive a lunch break automatically. An option: schedule each subject separately and include time in between tests to use as a lunch break.

GED Testing Days Personal Schedule

After selecting a GED testing schedule, it’s time to monitor your personal schedule. Take care of necessities the evening prior to testing, so that the day of your test you can focus solely on passing the GED.

  • Pack materials the night before
  • Each night before testing, lay out all of your testing materials needed for the next day. GED testing facilities provide erasable note boards and markers to use while testing, so no need to pack pencils or notepaper. However, calculators are not supplied. If you wish to use a calculator during your exam, you may bring a TI-30XS Multiview Scientific Calculator.

  • Find identification
  • This is also a good time to find valid forms of identification for tomorrow’s GED check-in. Examples of accepted IDs: passport, driver’s license/learner’s permit, or state identification card.

  • Set your alarm
  • Set an alarm early enough to eat breakfast, gather your thoughts and drive to the testing facility. Arrive at your testing facility 15-30 minutes prior to testing for check-in and last-minute needs such as storing your belongings or taking a restroom break.

Still have questions? Check out more GED information and last minute GED tips to make the most of your GED testing day

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