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Beth Gonzales

GED Score to GPA Conversion

Unfortunately, there is no real method for GED score to GPA conversion. However, you can use your GED scores to determine a range of similar statistics. Use our easy tips to convert your GED score into the information you need!

Understanding GED test scores

In 2013, GED Testing Service gave a national sample of high school graduates the same version of the GED that you are taking now. GED passing scores are set based on their performance during the test.
The GED is comprised of four different content subjects; reading, math, science and social studies. Test points range from 100 to 200 for every subject. You must score a 145 or greater on each individual subject test in order to successfully pass the GED.
GED test scores are divided into three ranges; passing, College Ready, College Ready + Credit. Each level indicates a different level of academic mastery. The higher your score, the more you show how prepared you are for the rigors of college-level courses or future employment.

  • Passing score: 145-164
  • College Ready: 165-174
  • College Ready + Credit: 175-200

GED Score to GPA conversion

GED Score to GPA Conversion

According to GED Testing Service, there is no effective way to convert your GED score into a grade point average. Your GED test score represents how well you demonstrated critical thinking and problem solving skills. It is not based on cumulative grades like a GPA is.
However, you can use your GED score to estimate your national class rank. Along with your standard GED test score, you also receive a percentile rank. Think of your percentile rank as a way of comparing your score to a national sample of graduating high school seniors.

GED test score to estimated National Class Rank

If your future college or technical program is requesting a class rank, GED Testing Service provides a class rank chart. The chart lists GED test scores on the left and national class ranks on the right. To find where your test scores rank, compare the two columns.
If a scholarship program requires you to be in the top 16% of your class, your GED test scores need to be a minimum of 170. If your percentile rank for a test is 75%, that means your score is better than 75% of graduating seniors who also took the GED.
GED Testing Service recommends that all individuals who pass the GED be accepted as high school graduates for the purposes of college admissions. With over 62% of graduates using the GED to further their education, you are in good company!

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8 Responses to “GED Score to GPA Conversion”

  1. Amy Rosenberg says:

    I thought that percentile meant that you scored better than that percent of people. So if you got a 25 percentile, wouldn’t that mean that you scored better than just 25% of high school graduates?

    • David Recine David Recine says:

      You’re right, Amy! Thanks for catching this and bringing it to my attention. The sentence you’re referencing has a typo, and should be corrected as:

      If your percentile rank for a test is 75%, that means your score is better than 75% of graduating seniors who also took the GED.

      I’ve gone in and corrected the article, so that percentile is not described correctly. Thanks again. 🙂

  2. Ssehcud Haliahs says:

    So just simply passing the GED means that you can get into college even without a GPA?

    • David Recine David Recine says:

      If you have no recorded GPA, then yes– you can potentially get into college with just a passing GED score. However, if you do have some HS transcripts with PA, many colleges and universities will want to see them. to learn exact admissions policies and requirements, contact the admissions offices of the specific schools you’re applying to.

  3. Luis Luciano says:

    God bless. Is there a calculater that can estimate my test scores into a gpa score?

    • Magoosh Test Prep Expert Magoosh Test Prep Expert says:

      Unfortunately, there’s no exact system that allows you to do that, Luis. But hopefully the table above comparing GED scores and class rank can give you some sense of what your GED score says about your academic standing. 🙂

  4. Mariah says:

    Do you know about the tasc test too it has US % rank would that mean the same

    • Magoosh Test Prep Expert Magoosh Test Prep Expert says:

      Hi Mariah,

      Unfortunately we don’t have information about the TASC test here. Sorry about that!

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