Which GED Prep Book is Right for You?

ged prep book

With so many options out there, it can be difficult to know which GED prep book is right for you. Before you spend money on materials, take some time to familiarize yourself with a few titles before making a decision.

GED Prep Books

Before purchasing any GED prep book, make sure it includes updates for the current GED online exam. Check for a publishing date of 2015 or later to ensure up-to-date content. Look for a book that provides information on online testing, extended response answers and practice tests.
Also consider purchasing a book with online features. Online practice can be an invaluable addition to standard study materials. Many GED prep books now offer online components such as full-length GED practice tests, instructional videos and tutorials.

Check out these titles:

GED Test for Dummies

Typical “Dummies” books are easy to read, easy to navigate and have those cute little icons that flag important information. This book is no exception to the “Dummies” structure. It contains easily accessible content covering all four GED subject areas.
Dummies also devotes entire chapters to necessary information about how the GED test works, what to expect when testing and keyboard FAQs. If you need guidance in moving to an online, computerized testing format, this may be the book for you. Along with purchase of this book is a 1-year subscription to Dummies’ online practice site.

McGraw Hill Preparation for the GED Test

McGraw Hill has been a trusted publisher and go-to resource for educators since 1917. Like so many of their educational materials, Prep for the GED Test is both helpful and comprehensive. This book gives step by step guidance into each subject.
McGraw Hill includes two full-length practice tests that cover all content areas, plus pretests to help focus your studying. This book also contains posttests in all subject areas to help check for real exam readiness!
Another great feature of this book is the companion CD. Many books offer online access with purchase, but only for a set amount of time. Once that time is up, you no longer have access to online content! If you want online information available to you for an extended amount of time, this may be the book for you.

Kaplan’s GED Test 2017 Premier

You have to pay a little extra, but the added online features in Kaplan’s Premier might be worth it. In addition to regular text, this book includes online options such as a full-length practice test, instructional videos and mobile accessibility. This book delivers all the essential skills you need to pass the GED, plus providing strategies and tips for successful test taking.
Kaplan’s even comes with it’s own set of practice tests. There are 4 pretests to gauge your preliminary subject content knowledge, plus 2 full-length practice tests (one in the book, one online). Kaplan’s tests are extensive. If you are looking for quality practice tests that mimic the actual GED, this book may be the book for you.
GED prep books are only one component of your study materials. For helpful study tips, study guides and even more GED information, visit our Magoosh blogs!