Ohio GED Test Requirements

GED Ohio

Are you planning on taking the GED exam in Ohio to earn your GED credential? Since each state has different requirements, it’s important to research the facts about the state where you plan to test. The important details about the GED Ohio testing requirements are summarized below.

How Old Do I Have to be to Take the GED in Ohio?

To state of Ohio requires that you be at least 18 years old and officially withdrawn from high school to take the GED test.

If you are aged 16 or 17 and wish to take the GED exam, you must submit a withdrawal form signed by your high school’s administrator and a consent form signed by a parent, guardian, or court official.

Do I Have to Live in Ohio to Take the GED There?

Yes, you must be an Ohio resident in order to take the GED test in Ohio.

You may take the test out-of-state, as some states do not have a residency requirement. You can check each state’s policy here. Note, however, that your credential will be issued from the state in which you take the test, not Ohio.

Find out how to locate your GED testing center here.

How Much Does it Cost to Take the GED in Ohio?

In Ohio, the total cost of the GED is $120 ($30 for each of the four subject tests).

Reasoning Through Language Arts$30
Mathematical Reasoning$30
Social Studies $30

The state of Ohio also provides an $80 voucher for first-time GED test takers who receive career and educational guidance through a Career-Technical Planning District (CTPD). Taking advantage of this service would reduce the cost of the GED exam to just $40. Find your local CTPD by county for more information.

If you have to retake any subject test, you can do so within 12 months at a reduced rate of $10 per subject test. (After two retakes, the price returns to $30).

What Do I Have to Do to Prepare for the GED in Ohio?

Legally, there are no requirements for GED preparation. You don’t need to take a course or practice test; however, doing both is a good idea to ensure you come to the test ready to succeed.

There are many practice tests and other great study tools available online.

If you want to take an in-person class, locate a prep center near you.

For more information on testing in Ohio, visit the Ohio Department of Education’s High School Equivalence Office page.