Where You Can Find Free GED Practice Tests Online

Free GED practice tests online! The most beautiful phrase in the English language if you’re preparing for the GED. Today, Magoosh is here to show you the best free GED tests on the web.

Official Free GED Practice Tests Online, from GED Testing Service

GED Testing Service is the company that makes the GED. Any practice GED test you can get from them is guaranteed to be of the best possible quality. The questions on such official practice GED tests are designed by the same people who make the exam themselves. So these tests are guaranteed to be authentic.

But are GED Testing Service’s online tests free? The answer to that is a resounding “yes” for one of their two online practice tests, and a resounding “probably” for the other.

Let’s first look at the test that is, yes, definitely available for free.

On the GED Testing Service website, you’ll find the aptly named Free Practice Test page. On that page, you can access a free GED practice session for each of the subsections of the GED: Math, Reasoning Through Language Arts, Science, and Social Studies.

Bear in mind that each practice section is not a full-sized section and is instead shorter than the question sets you’ll see in each section on test day. The free GED Social Studies practice session is 9 questions long. The other three sections of the GED have 10 questions each. This makes the free GED test a “quarter length” test, 25% as long as the real thing. Still, this is enough to give you a very good idea of the content on the real exam, and give you some excellent “starter” practice.

The Free Practice Test page for the GED comes with a number of other goodies too. See my screenshot of the main page (with notes) below:

where can you find free GED practice tests online

Now, let’s talk about online GED practice test that’s probably free.

That would be the half-length GED practice test you access by registering for My GED and logging in. You can also view the public page for this test in the official online GED store.

As you can see, the “sticker price” of this second official online GED Practice test is $24. But don’t let the sticker price fool you. If you are like most GED test-takers, there’s a good chance you can get this test for free.

How? Glad you asked. If you log in to your My GED account to buy this exam, you’ll be given a chance to enter a voucher code. If you have a voucher, you can use that instead of actually paying for the exam.

And there’s a good chance you do have a voucher to take this second official practice test for free… or the opportunity to get a voucher. Voucher codes are commonly given out for free to anyone who takes GED prep classes or receives GED tutoring from a local agency that helps people with GED prep. If you’re not already working with a GED help program, you can typically connect with one through a local community college, adult education center, or job center.

Not sure which voucher-granting GED programs are available in your area?

No problem. Again, help is waiting in your free My GED account. After you log in, click “start studying.” This will bring you to the study page, where you can click the “GED Test Prep Centers” banner to see a map of all of the nearby places where you just might be able to get both GED training and vouchers for an additional free online practice test. (See the screenshots below.)

My GED Screenshot 1 

where can you find free ged practice tests online


My GED Screenshot 2


Unofficial Free GED Practice Tests Online

A quick search of Google will show you that there are many unofficial GED practice tests online, in addition to the official ones. This wide selection of free practice tests is promising. But there’s one problem: the quality of free unofficial tests can be very hit or miss. Some practice tests are outdated (the GED was redesigned in 2014), and others simply don’t accurately prepare you for the real test.

Fortunately, there’s a Google hack for this. You can do a custom search of Google, focusing on free GED practice test links that appear on college web pages. Or you can do a similar custom search of GED practice tests linked to government websites. Third party practice GED tests that are recommended by schools and government programs are more likely to be reliable. But even then, there are no guarantees. Choose third-party online GED practice carefully, and always compare unofficial practice tests to the real ones from GED Testing Service.

Last but certainly not least, if you want free GED practice online, watch this space. In the coming weeks, the Magoosh GED blog will be posting GED practice question sets in all four subjects. Our practice GED test sessions are brand new and 100% up to date. We also work hard to make them as authentic as possible, carefully studying the official tests and imitating their content and format.




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