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Beth Gonzales

Fake GED Diplomas: Avoid the Scam!

fake ged

Search online for a GED diploma and thousands of purchase options pop up. Some are even on sale! These documents look legitimate; textured paper, gold embossed stamping, colored ink printing, but they are not genuine! No matter how how pretty the package, don’t be fooled by internet scams selling fake GED diplomas. There is only one way to get a GED—earn it!

Genuine GED Diplomas

In 2014, every part of the GED process became digitized. You enroll online, you test online, and you view scores and transcripts online. You can even forward GED transcripts electronically when you apply for a job or enroll in college. The only thing you can’t view online is your actual GED diploma.

Official transcripts and GED diplomas are delivered through snail mail. Diplomas are issued directly from the state in which you took the test, and you have to specifically request a copy for your records. Initial scores and official transcripts are free to those who pass the GED test. Refer to the GED Testing Service to find specific directions for your individual state.

Fake GED Diplomas

There are many online companies that offer GED diplomas for a modest fee. Be wary of these sites—it is not possible to order or receive your official GED diploma online. Official GED diplomas and transcripts are free and sent directly from the state in which you took your test. Any company charging for this service is sending a fake GED diploma.

GED diplomas and GED transcripts go hand in hand. College admissions and future employers may not ever ask to see a diploma, but will always ask to see transcripts. Companies selling fake GED diplomas can’t provide GED transcripts or tests scores. Genuine GED diplomas come with transcripts that prove a student successfully passed the GED exam.

If prospective employers and colleges want to verify your credentials, they can view your complete GED package online: test scores, transcripts, and diplomas. Any student using a fake GED diploma will be quickly discovered as fraudulent. Falsifying educational information can be detrimental to your future college or employment career.

Earning a GED diploma requires time and effort. Any site offering an educational shortcut—especially one on sale—is a scam that only hurts you in the long run. The only way to get a real degree is to earn it; complete the exam requirements and receive a genuine GED diploma that you can be proud of.

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About Beth Gonzales

Beth is an educator and freelance creative designer who devises innovative and fun-loving solutions for clients. She works with families, students, teachers and small businesses to create and implement programs, campaigns and experiences that help support and maximize efforts to grow communities who critically think, engage and continue to learn.

4 Responses to “Fake GED Diplomas: Avoid the Scam!”

  1. Brigitte says:

    Hi, my sister just passed her GED and in order to get her certificate, it costs 17 dollars. I’m wondering if this “My Ged.com” is a legitimate GED service or a scam
    I would like to know. Thanks.

  2. Tashlyn says:

    Good day

    I would like to know whether these companies are legit.

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