Does Your GED Score Matter?

Does Your GED Score Matter?

If you are thinking of taking the GED, you may also be thinking about your GED score. Does your GED score matter? It most certainly does. Your GED score can help determine your eligibility for scholarships, college admissions or even employment. The better your score, the more options you will have available to you.

Your GED Scores

GED test scores are divided into three scoring ranges; Passing, College Ready and College Ready + Credit. Each category indicates a different level of academic skill. A passing score of 145 is great if you are looking for a high school equivalency. However, if you are pursuing higher education, you will want a GED score that reflects your desire to go to college.

Why your GED scores matter to Colleges

Admissions offices are interested in accepting students who will succeed at their school. If you are interested in pursuing a college degree, you should aim to score above a 165. Students who score in this range demonstrate the skills needed to be successful in college-level courses. The higher you score, the higher your chance of acceptance.
Your GED scores also serve as a basis for your national ranking. You didn’t graduate from high school, but your scores allow you to compare yourself to students that did. The GED Guide for Admissions estimates your GED score against U.S. graduating high school seniors.
If a college requires a class rank for admission, you can use the guide to approximate where you rank in the nation. Need to be in the top 22% of your class? Then score a 167 or better on the GED.

Why your GED scores matter for Scholarships

GED scores matter to scholarship committees as well. Many scholarships are based on academic performance. Some accept only students with an above average GPA, others look for students who rank in the top 20% of their class. GED credentials don’t come with a gradebook or class transcripts. Your GED scores represent all of your educational accomplishments, so make them count!
Scholarship committees want to support students who are on a path to educational success. Your College Ready score of 165 or higher indicates to scholarship reviewers that you are committed to continuing your education. The higher your GED score, the greater your chance of being selected for a scholarship.

Why your GED scores matter to Employers

Any employer can request a copy of your GED scores and transcripts using online credentialing. Employers can view what skills and abilities you demonstrated on each subject test, as well as the meaning behind your scores. Because GED scores tell so much about your skill set, employers may use them to predict future job performance.

Your GED scores matter

Future colleges and employers look to your scores to tell them about who you are as a learner. Are you a go-getter? Do you like a challenge? Are you someone who aims for the best? Take your time to prep for the GED so that when test time comes, you are ready to shine. Show off your academic skills with a great GED test score!
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