Most Common GED Test Questions

Although the GED contains hundreds of questions, there are 5 common types of GED test questions: multiple choice, fill in the blank, drag and drop, drop-down and hot spot. The GED uses these questions to measure your knowledge in each content area. Questions require you to problem-solve, express your thinking and/or synthesize information. Also expect to apply skills, think critically and interpret data.

Reasoning Through Language Arts (RLA)

There are 46 questions in this section, plus a written Extended Response. Major portions of this section require reading passages of text. You read a segment of a story, article or narrative, then answer questions using information you just read. Think of answering “what”, “why”, “who” and “how” in regards to every passage. The format for most reading passage questions are some form of multiple choice.

Most Common GED Test Questions

The RLA also contains a language conventions portion. Most common question types found here are fill-in-the-blank and drop-down. Questions ask you to utilize proper English grammar and spelling while choosing the correct word in a sentence or phrase. This portion of the test also asks you to correct capitalization, punctuation and the use of apostrophes.

Mathematical Reasoning

There are around 46 questions in this section as well. Some of the most common questions in this section will refer directly to a graph, word problem or other form of supplied data. Make sure you read the answer options even before reading the test question. This helps eliminate wrong answers right away.
Like RLA, the majority of Mathematical Reasoning questions are multiple choice. Additional common test questions you might see: fix an equation using fill-in-the-blank, select the proper answer from a drop-down box and enter data onto a graph using a hot-spot.


Common GED test questions for this section come from three major science categories: life, physical and earth/space. Like the previous two, the science portion of the GED uses a lot of multiple choice questions. Many of these questions focus on reasoning from data, so make sure you can evaluate and analyze information presented in various forms.
Similar to the RLA, GED science also features two short answer responses. This section requires you to read a science-related passage, then answer questions based on the text. Questions focus on your understanding of the science concepts contained in the passage.

Social Studies

Like the RLA, many Social Studies questions require you to read a passage, then answer questions. Multiple choice, fill-in-the-blank, and drag and drop questions are all found in this section of the GED. Most common test questions ask different types of government, cause/effect of major concepts (think wars, economy, revolutions) and the impact of migration across the world.
Want to find out more about common GED test questions? Take a free GED practice test. It is a great way to familiarize yourself with the types of questions you will see on the GED test.