Can I get my GED online?

Can I get my GED online?
Think of all the great things you can do online. You can chat with people around the world, shop for things while couch surfing, watch movies or take virtual vacations. So many amazing things are possible on the internet. Unfortunately, earning your GED is not one of them. You cannot get your GED online.

Why you can’t earn a GED online

No standardized tests—SAT, ACT, GRE or GED—are offered online. You have to complete them in person. A GED certificate is a legitimate credential, with over 95% of colleges and universities accepting the GED in lieu of a high school diploma for admission. Potential employers or future college advisors want to know that you passed your test through hard work and determination, not by sitting at home having a friend help look up answers.

GED tests are given at designated locations and observed by official proctors. The exams are highly regulated, monitored, and timed in accordance with official GED standards. There are companies out there that will offer you a GED certificate after taking their online courses. Be wary of these sites—it is not legally possible to receive your GED online. Online GED classes can be taken to prepare for the actual exam, but the test itself can only be administered at a certified testing location.

What you can do online: GED Prep

The GED exam was updated in 2014. It is now more closely aligned to rigorous high school standards and is a much better gauge of personal career and college readiness. When it comes time to test, make sure you are ready!

The internet is home to many free options for GED prep and study practice. Create a free account with the official GED testing service and have access to study and test prep materials that are designed by the same people that officiate the GED. Tests are available for every subject and offer answer keys so you can track your progress. Practice tests are a great way to determine if you are ready for the actual GED test—saving you both time and money in the long run.