GED Book Reviews: Best GED Books of 2017

GED Book Reviews: Best GED Books 2017

Hundreds of options are available for GED prep books. But what is the best GED book for you? Read our review of the best GED books of 2017.

How to choose the best GED book for you

Narrow down your choices by determining what you want from a GED book. Before purchasing any GED materials, ask yourself the following questions:
1. Does this book include updates for the current GED online exam?
Most prep books reflect the 2014 changes to the GED. But just to make sure, check for a publishing date of 2016 or later to ensure content is as up-to-date as possible. Choose a book that provides specific information regarding online testing and all four content areas.
2. What online content does this book offer? How long do you have access?
Many GED books now come with additional online features. Some provide online access to full-length practice tests or instructional videos and tutorials. Some companies discontinue online access after a designated amount of time, so keep an eye out for books that come with instructional CDs in addition to online content.
3. Does this book help answer your questions?
Every GED book contains information about GED subject tests, practice tests, skills and strategies. But how they provide that information determines which GED book you should choose.
GED books are designed for independent study. This means you are in charge of how, when and what information you learn. Books have varying levels of explanation regarding practice answers. Keep this in mind when looking through answer keys, practice tests and exercises. The more a book explains, the easier it is to learn a concept.

The best GED books of 2017

Kaplan’s GED Test Premier 2017

If you search reviews for the best GED prep books, Kaplan’s tops the list every time. This book is even a #1 best seller on Amazon!
Kaplan’s Premier book comes with online “extras” such as a full-length practice test, 60 instructional videos and mobile accessibility. Covering all four subject areas, this book provides skills, strategies and tips for successfully passing the GED.
Kaplan’s also includes an extensive set of practice tests. The first section of the book is devoted to 4 subject pretests. In addition, Kaplan’s also provides 2 full-length practice tests – one in the book and the other online – so that you can check your GED readiness before taking the real thing.

McGraw Hill Preparation for the GED Test

McGraw Hill has been a trusted publisher and go-to resource for educators since 1917. Another top seller with online bookstores, McGraw Hill’s Prep for the GED is recommended by both educators and students. (Many reviewers note this book is particularly helpful for the math portion of the GED!)
Prep for the GED Test provides review and practice for all four GED content areas, test-taking strategies and lots of tips. This book is also chock full of practice tests: two full-length tests, pretests and posttests in all subject areas! McGraw Hill makes it easy to check for GED readiness.
Take a look at the companion CD-ROM. Some book companies provide online access to their materials, but only for a designated amount of time. (Which can often be a year or less). A bonus to a CD-ROM: you own the information forever. There is no time limit and you can revisit content whenever you want.
In addition to Prep for the GED Test, McGraw-Hill also sells a line of GED workbooks. Each workbook is for an individual subject test. If you have one particular subject that needs a little more attention, you may want to consider one of these books.

Barron’s How to Prepare for the GED Test

Barron’s offers a newly updated GED book covering all subject content areas. The format varies slightly from other GED prep books – practice and test questions “blend” subject matter across content areas. According to Barron, science questions may need math or social studies may require writing skills. Problems requiring multiple academic skills give test-takers a comprehensive view of what the real GED is like.
Like McGraw-Hill, Barron’s includes a CD-ROM for additional practice. While the book includes 2 full-length practice tests, the CD adds two more. These tests simulate GED testing conditions, giving you a peek at what the real GED will be like.
For additional study practice, check out at Barron’s flashcard sets. Although there are mixed reviews about the functionality of the cards, it is worth a look. Especially if you are searching for alternative study materials.

The Princeton Review’s Cracking the GED Test with 2 Practice Exams

Princeton Review offers complete coverage of all four subject areas with guided lessons and sample questions. Also included are two full-length practice tests (as well as answer key + explanations) and additional practice drills for content areas.
This book also comes with extra online features, such as practice questions, tips and tutorials. Tutorials are available for download, making them accessible any time you need them.
Especially relevant is the “Habits of Effective Test Takers” section of this book. It provides a nice overview of quality habits good test takers should employ when studying for their own exam.

Trivium GED Preparation 2017

Everything you need to know about the GED in a comprehensive and effective package. Reviewers recommend this book for it’s easy to read format and informative nature. Covering all four GED subjects, Trivium provides review, practice, and tests for each content area.
Although slimmer than many GED books, Trivium makes the most of their content. This book provides explanations for problem-solving while highlighting common mistakes for each subject section.
An important thing to note: Trivium does not come with any online components.

GED Test for Dummies

What review would be complete without a Dummies book? An extremely easy-to-read book full of test-taking strategies, overviews, and information you need to navigate the GED. Covering all four subject areas, Dummies highlights important tips and skills for taking an online test.
Dummies devotes entire chapters to online computer testing. This book provides necessary information regarding online formatting, keyboarding tips and strategies for online test-taking. Along with the purchase of this book is a 1-year subscription to Dummies’ online practice site.
Supplement your GED books with even more study materials. For helpful study tips, study guides and more GED information, visit our Magoosh blogs!