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Where to Get Free Excel Training -magoosh

MS Excel is the unicorn of spreadsheets and that is the reason as to why a large number of individuals need to learn it. You’ll be unable to discover an office that doesn’t utilise Excel for any reason, even as more classy solutions hit the market. Excel prizes for its apparent simplicity; however, it is much more proficient and complex than what it seems.

So put on your top choice “Netflix and chill” outfit, grab a bite or a drink, and get ready to learn Excel, as these are the 8 places that will give you free excel training.

Microsoft’s Excel Training Centre

When learning a new application, why not begin at the source? They’ve done a great job assembling the Office Training Centre: a resource centre point for all Microsoft Office applications and services.

GCF Learn Free

A standout amongst the most far-reaching free resources out there, GFCLearnFree.org offers access to a stunning 29 tutorials and five additional items. You can take on free excel training for making and sparing exercise manuals to restrictive organising and more. The data is available, and you can even take a test towards the conclusion to perceive the amount you’ve learned.


If you need to “become awesome in Excel,” Chandoo is worth discovering. You can begin with the nuts and bolts and progress to topics like circular references at your recreation. A portion of the further developed highlights must obtain, however you can go far here without spending a dime.


A large number of people are likely to be acquainted with the content site About.com, yet did you know it has its own particular spreadsheets subdomain – quite a bit of which is dedicated to Excel? There are likely a huge number of directions set for that site, the majority of which are outlined, how-to posts. Additionally, new content is included consistently.

Excel Hero

While Excel Hero focuses on the individuals who, as of now, have a strong understanding of the program, it is as yet an awesome resource for learners. Many exercise manuals are accessible to download, including some that deliver for no particular reason.

Enhance Your Excel

Another source of free videos and online courses, Enhance Your Excel has various offerings and presents points like Excel Power Query and the VLOOKUP work.

Khan Academy

When people arrive at the Khan Academy website, they’re replied with two simple but powerful lines of text: “You only have to know one thing: You can learn anything.” That includes a few video tutorials on Excel. An overall search for “Microsoft Excel” crops what might look like limited results, but they really explain some important parts of using Excel, like supplies and fitting lines to data.


If you need a snappy reference for keyboard shortcuts, Excel Jet teaches you to have a way with it, it’s conceivable to work the program completed without a mouse.

These free resources make it simple to learn Excel and have Free Excel Training, helping you to build in-demand skills.

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