Where to Find Excel Practice Tests

Once you start learning Microsoft Excel, the biggest challenge will be how to retain all the knowledge. To retain what you learn you’ll have to practice it thoroughly. So in this article we will be covering some sources where you can get your hands on an excel practice test, (or 2, or 20) so that you can easily practice Excel.

1. Excel Shortcut Keys

You can access each and every function in excel using a shortcut key (e.g., ALT+H+O+I: to auto adjust the width of the column). Here is a list of excel practice test sources:

  • Basic excel keyboard shortcuts-ProProfs Quiz
  • MS Excel Multiple-choice Question Answer- Avatto
  • Free Excel Test- Easy Excel Shortcuts everyone should know

All of these web links contain a few objective questions related to excel shortcut keys. Once you go through these, you should easily remember most of the shortcuts.

2. Excel Formula and Function

An excel formula calculates the values of given data. Excel has created many built-in formulas, which are called Excel Functions.

You will be required to remember some basic functions to speed up your productivity. Here is the list of excel practice test sources:

  • Excel Formulas & Functions – Quiz
  • Excel Formulas And Functions- ProProfs Quiz
  • Quiz | Logic Function | Microsoft Excel- Basic & Advance
  • Excel Functions Quiz – ProProfs Quiz
  • Microsoft Excel Quiz

3. Wise Owl

Wise Owl is one of my favorite excel test websites. When you open the page you can see that there are a number of excel practice tests on various topics. Once you open a test on any topic, it will open a page containing all the information you need to go through the test. You simply need to download the practice excel sheet and perform the given steps.

4. Excel-Exercise

This site has structured all the excel functions very nicely with different articles and tags. Although you can’t find excel practice tests here, this site contains step by step guides for most of the excel features. For example, if you are looking to learn excel text function, you can click on excel text function tag and you will find all the relevant practice sources.

5. Spreadsheeto

This website has more than 100+ excel practice tests, each elaborating a certain feature. Each article of Spreadsheeto has detailed explanations. It also has a step by step approach to perform along with the relevant screenshot. You can check the correction of each step while attempting the test. You must attempt any excel practice test as many times necessary, until you’ve truly mastered the skill being taught.

6. Excel Easy

This site is very similar to Spreadsheeto. It lists most of the examples of Excel functions, and includes basic practice tests such as Formatting and Keyboard shortcuts, to more advanced tests such as Regression, Anova etc. You can refer to this site while practicing Excel.

This is a pretty exhaustive list of excel practice tests where you can find a test related to any excel feature, function, or formula. I am not recommending to go through the all exercises, but it would be wise look into these and shortlist a few for your practice needs!