Where Can I Learn Excel Online?

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MS Excel is one of the most popular software applications in the world. With the help of MS Excel, one can store large amounts of data and also keep it password protected so that no one is able to see the confidential data without proper authorization. It offers you many features with the help of which you can easily and efficiently complete your work.

There are still a lot of people who do not know how to use MS Excel but they want to learn it so that they can do their work efficiently. There are some people who want to learn it so that they can get jobs easily since there are so many jobs that require proficiency in MS Excel. Therefore, people take Excel classes or try to learn online about MS Excel so that they can grab those jobs as soon as possible. Following are some such online sources that can help you learn MS Excel easily in the confines of your home.

Video tutorials

You can learn MS Excel on Youtube. Whether you are a total beginner or advanced user of Excel, there are a lot of video tutorials available at any skill level. They make you learn everything by making you see the video in which they teach things step by step. They show how to open MS Excel, how to store data in it, and how to use its various features to make your work simpler. A number of Youtube channels provide videos for the same and they are free in most cases. You can simply subscribe to any such channel and learn Excel at your own pace.

Monitoring the pace on your own will help you to learn MS Excel relatively easily. There are various channels on Youtube, like My E-lesson, computer basics, and career planet computer education, that provide various video tutorials for the beginners who know nothing about how to use MS Excel. There are various video tutorials in Hindi also so that if someone does not know how to speak in English then they can see these tutorials in Hindi and learn how to use MS Excel.

For example, there is a Youtube channel ‘Gyanyagya’ which tells you everything about MS Excel in Hindi, they explain everything really well and in a step by step manner too. So it becomes easy for the students who are comfortable with Hindi to learn to use MS Excel too. All the videos on Youtube teach everything about MS Excel starting from how to open MS Excel and then how to store data in it to doing extremely complex calculations for solving problems.

Online courses

Online courses are another great option for learning Excel. Excel Exposure is one of the websites that provides online courses where one can learn MS Excel easily. There are various video lessons on this website which cover various topics like error checking, conditional formatting, etc. Similarly, there are Edx Excel courses where one can learn MS Excel online for free. It starts from the basics of MS Excel and then it explains all the features of MS Excel very nicely. On Edx, you have the choice of accessing maximum course material for free, but for getting assignments and tests, you need to pay a certain amount depending on the exact course that you take. The payment would also fetch you a certificate which will clearly depict that you are totally proficient in MS Excel. This flexibility on Edx is really great.

With the help of these online courses, one can learn each and everything about MS Excel in details after which they can do their work efficiently using MS Excel. Then there is the Microsoft Excel Training course on the New Horizons website where you can learn about MS Excel and then you can work on it. It not only teaches about MS Excel but it also gives you certification for learning it which can help you when you start applying for certain jobs, particularly those with a good salary package.

Udemy is one more such platform that offers a multitude of courses on various topics and MS Excel is one of them. It offers a very attractive 6-hour course which they claim would make you a master of MS Excel. Since the website has a really great reputation, this course is worth a try. So, you can go ahead and do any of these courses online to learn about MS Excel and its various features.

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Resources available on various websites

A large number of websites help a lot in teaching people MS Excel by providing various written materials like articles, tips, and PDFs. These websites explain the usage of various formulas by giving detailed theory along with examples and images demonstrating those examples. The best example of such a source is the Microsoft Excel help centre which gives you tips, training, detailed analysis of various formulas, etc. This website gives all this information in a very precise and crisp manner which will clear your idea of MS Excel entirely.

Chandoo is one other such website which gives a lot of articles to explain MS Excel in great detail so that beginners can use it aptly to learn MS Excel. Their tagline also claims that their website would make one perfect in MS Excel. The best thing about their website is the way in which they start things from the complete basics and then slowly take it to a higher level. Thus, you can simply use this website to learn MS Excel if you are not a big fan of learning things by watching videos.

Another website called Excel Hero also provides written material to assist people in learning MS Excel. This has comparatively less material but of really good quality. Apart from teaching MS Excel, their articles also talk about the scope of MS Excel and how it will help people in their jobs. They have an Excel related blog too which you can read to gain some advanced information about Excel features.

Thus, go over these websites and choose the one which appeals to you the most. You could read multiple articles from different sites to improve your learning. Follow these websites and just don’t lose interest midway. You could watch some tutorial videos in between to break the monotony too.

MS Excel is used widely all over the world and therefore people want to learn MS Excel so that they can work on it with ease and save their time. If you’re new to Excel, you will become an expert in MS Excel in a very short time using these sources. MS Excel will benefit you in a lot of ways. All the best!

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