What Is the Mod Function in Excel?

Microsoft Excel is one of those applications that has been introduced and developed for making the human workload less and reducing manual hardships.

In the past, the use of Excel was limited only to large-scale business and top multinational companies. Nowadays, almost every single person involved in any sort of business uses this application. As the world is getting more advanced in terms of business, the need to use an application like Excel for maintaining analytical and statistical data for your business has increased.

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You may wonder why Excel is becoming so popular in the business sector. Well, the answer is quite simple. The application has many pre-loaded functions which can perform any job within seconds. You just have to use the function on selected groups of data and your job is done. For example, once upon a time, if you wanted to create a chart you would have to use your own hands and spend many hours in developing a perfect graphical representation. However, with the help of Excel, you can easily create charts with 100% accuracy.

One such useful function that is pre-loaded in the Excel compiler is the MOD function. This is a math function which is used to solve typical arithmetic problems for you!

What is the function of the MOD operator?

Sometimes, in the case of divisions, we only want the remainder value. In such cases, the user uses the MOD function that usually returns the remainder value of the division and not the quotient. As it is pre-installed and the instructions for the function are stored in the memory of the compiler, there is no need to develop a different Excel code for the same.

What is the syntax of the MOD function?

The syntax of the MOD function in excel is simple and does not need any complex explanations.
=MOD(dividend, divisor)

The dividend is the number you want to divide, and the divisor is the one with which will perform the division. Both the numbers must be positive integers—otherwise, you will get void answers in return.

How to use the MOD function in Excel?

The process of implementing the MOD function in excel is easy and you can do it by following these steps:

  1. Select the cells having values that you would like to use in the operation.
  2. Now, select the cell in which you want to write the result.
  3. In that cell only, you will have to write the syntax of MODULO function, as in:
  4. Make sure that the A2 value is greater than the A3 value for getting the positive remainder return value.

Hope you found this useful. Happy working with Excel!

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