The 5 Best Excel Books for All Skill Levels

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Microsoft Excel is one of the best tools for data keeping, applying functions to the data stores, and data analysis. There are many more hidden features too which come along with it. It helps in doing simple and advanced mathematical calculations. A number of people in consulting firms earn lots of money and their work is analysing data on Microsoft Excel. It helps you in school for small projects, in college for analysing the data for lab reports and finally in your job too. It is used even by families to manage their monthly expenses. Such varied and widespread is the use of Microsoft Excel. Thus, knowing the functioning of MS Excel is extremely essential these days.

Here are the books that you can use for developing your skills in MS Excel.

Excel 2010 All-in-One for Dummies’ by Greg Harvey

This book is an entry-level book that you can use to get a good foundation of MS Excel. The book is divided into 8 sections or you can call it 8 books in one single book. These 8 topics will cover almost all basic must-know things like formulas, use of functions, making of charts, performing calculations, data analysis, and VBA. Once you are done with this book you can go for more complex materials to gain specialization in some features of MS Excel.

‘The Mr. Excel Library Series’ by Bill Jelen

This book can be used by you once you are a little clear with the basics as it takes you deeper into advanced Excel functions. The book is really popular and highly recommended by MS Excel experts. The book includes important topics like charts and graphs and also talks about business analysis using MS Excel. 

Slaying Excel Dragons: A beginner’s guide to conquering Excel’s frustrations and making Excel fun’ by Mike Girvin and Bill Jelen.

This book is pretty unique in the sense that it has the content explained in a very interesting way. You will enjoy this book and learn MS Excel at the same time. The techniques are explained along with crisp examples and illustrations in a very interactive way. The book might not be of a very high level but due to its simple way of explaining the basis of MS Excel, you must try it out and use it for a good foundation in MS Excel. 

Excel Charts, by John Walkenbach

This book is for those who know the very basics of MS Excel and are looking to explore Excel charts in a greater detail. This book explains data visualization in great detail and you will also learn about which chart to use in which situation. Use this book learn and understand how to make charts and tables in the most presentable way.

Quick Start Guide from Beginner to Expert, by William Fischer

This book is perfect if you want to learn MS Excel from the basics and then learn things at a higher level too. The book is like a complete package and highly recommended by experts as well. You get to learn basics and even some advanced things, like building macros.

The above books are good resources to help you out in learning MS Excel in a complete way. Apart from the above you can look up more books according to your specifications but do follow the basic books to build a strong base.

All the best!

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