How to Take Advantage of the Quick Access Toolbar in Excel

The Quick Access Toolbar in Excel is a toolbar that contains commonly-used Excel commands. It is very convenient for a user to perform the various task quickly without remembering any shortcut key for the command. For example, by default, Excel provides Print, Undo, and Redo options in the Quick Access Toolbar. So, if you want to print any document, instead of going through File – > Print, you can directly click the print button from quick access toolbar in Excel and get the document printed.

Where is it located?

The Quick Access Toolbar in Excel is placed just above the ribbon:
quick access toolbar excel -magoosh

You can also change its place by clicking on Customize Quick Access Toolbar (the down arrow in the picture next to the re-do button) and choosing the option Show Below the Ribbon.

What are the commands available in the Quick Access Toolbar?

You can see all the available commands by clicking Customize Quick Access Toolbar and then More Commands.

You can see all the commands available in the above screenshot. As a rule of thumb, you should have few standard commands such as Print, Redo, Undo etc. and choose other commands based on your daily tasks and work. E.g. If you do more data crunching in Excel, you can choose commands such as Add or Remove Filter, Create Chart, Pivot Table, and Quick Print.

How to add commands in the Quick Access Toolbar?

  1. Right click on the ribbon, which will display five different options. You have to select the second option: customize quick access toolbar.
  2. Once you select the option, it will open an Excel options window where all the commands are listed.
  3. Select all the commands which you want to add and click on Add >> and it will appear in the right table.
  4. If you want to add any other command apart from what’s already available, you can select other command categories from the dropdown. That way, you can get the exhaustive list of command in quick access toolbar in Excel.
  5. If you want to remove any commands from quick access toolbar in Excel, you can perform right click and choose the option Remove from Quick Access Toolbar.

I will recommend that you should go through the article couple of times and practice each step. You can try selecting a various combination of commands and select the best one for your best convenience.

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