How to Learn Excel Fast

How to Learn Excel Fast -magoosh

As there are a lot of features in Microsoft Excel, learning it could be kind of overwhelming. Here, we will be focusing on the features that are required frequently in Excel to help you learn Excel fast.

Basic Formula

Excel formulas are used in most of Excel documents, so it important to learn the basics of the formula first.

There are two ways by which you can access the Excel formula:

  1. You can go to the Excel Formula tab to get the list of all the formulas. These are present in different categories, such as Financial, Logical, Text, Date & Time, etc. There is one more tab called ‘Recently Used’, which contains all recently used formulae.
  2. If you know what formula to use, you can directly write the formula starting with equal “=” sign. While typing, Excel shows the list of all matching formulas. You can also read about the formula by selecting the formula while typing. An example formula: if you want to find the sum of two numbers, you can type =sum(range or numbers).

Excel Table

Excel table will help you to create a table where you can perform various options such as filter, sort, insert, delete, etc. To create a table, you need to select the range of cells and click on ‘Insert Table’ to insert the table.

Excel Shortcuts

Excel shortcuts are must-learn features for anyone who uses Excel frequently. Here are 5 must learn Excel shortcuts:

  1. Ctrl + T is used to create a table. You can select the range of cells and click Ctrl + T to create a table of those cells.
  2. Ctrl + A is used to select the entire sheet of excel. It is frequently used when you need to copy the sheet to another sheet.
  3. Ctrl + Shift + “+” is used for inserting the cells. Just select the Row/Column/Cells where you want to insert and press Ctrl + Shift + “+”.
  4. Ctrl + Space is used for selecting the entire column. Select a cell and click Ctrl+Space to select the entire column in Excel.
  5. Ctrl +F is used to find any value from the Excel. It will look into the sheet and highlight the cell which contains the value.


If you are presenting the data to someone else, others might not be able to understand your data. So, to deliver your message clearly, you can use charts. You can find all the charts in Excel by clicking the ‘Insert’ tab. You need to select the required data and go for the Chart Section. There, you can find all the relevant and useful charts for your data.

These are some basic features you need to know in order to learn Excel faster because these features are frequently used. Once you get used to these features, you can start learning other topics such as pivot tables, Vlookups, Data Analysis, etc. Happy learning!

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