Open Source Languages

Open source languages are basically the programming languages that were developed after the invention of the first digital computers in the mid-twentieth century. Programming simply instructs the computer to perform certain tasks. Open source languages are the languages that computers understand and there are various types of open source languages present.

Earlier programming, or coding, was used to solve difficult problems in laboratories or research centers but now with advances leading to ease of learning, even a school child knows how to code. There are so many types of open source programming languages that one is not bound to learn a single language in fact a person can chose from a whole lot of options and then he can select the language he actually likes and wants to learn. There are a few rules that a language must follow to be confirmed as an open source programming language.

Some popular open source programming languages


The very first type of programming language is C and this is a very popular programming language. It is often used for developing mobile, enterprise and embedded applications. The epic growth of C and UNIX are written on the same pages of history. They both have a tightly knit relationship with each other and they both are so connected with each other but if one has to choose just a single open source programming language then it will mostly be C.


Another type of programming language is C++ and it is also used for developing mobile applications. Earlier C++ was just a version of C but now it has become mature and independent. Now it is widely used in the industry and taught to students too. The ranking of the C++ language has improved a lot in the past years. Now it is seen in the top five in most of the lists. However the popularity of this language has dropped in the recent years but it is not a cause of worry. Mozilla firefox, VLC media player, Blender are some of the popular open source projects that are developed with C++.


This open source programming language was developed by Microsoft and it is used to develop various kinds of applications. It supports imperative, functional and object oriented programming paradigms. It is considered as a compiler language still it is very popular. It is used only in minor subjects like MixERP, uManage, ColorSharp, EasyERP, etc and it is not used heavily. So, low openness score must be assigned to C#.


This open source programming language made its first appearance in 2009. It is a compiler language that was created by Google and it is used for the development of web applications. Go from Google and gccgo from GCC are the two open source compilers for Go. The ranking of this language is increasingly slow and steady. One of the popular open source software, Docker, is developed by using Go. If someone wants to be a part of open source programming language then this is the next language that you need to learn. The file hosting service Dropbox, with free and proprietary components are developed using GO.


It is one of the general purposes scripting language that is suitable for server side web development. It is an interpreted language with interpreters for almost all platforms. It is a very popular programming language and it is used in the development of projects like Drupal, Joomla, Moodle, WordPress,etc. Another important thing is that the existence of Zend Engine, an open source interpreter, makes PHP an open source programming language.


It is another type of open source programming language and it is used for the development of enterprise and web applications. It supports object-oriented, imperative and functional programming paradigms. It is one of the most popular language and YUM and OpenStack are one of the most popular open source softwares developed with Python.


It is one of the most popular open source programming languages and it is a concurrent, object-oriented, general purpose programming language. It is so popular that is has number one ranking in the TIOBE Index and PYPL popularity rankings. JNode operating system is developed using Java. Eclipse, NetBeans, Apache Hadoop, Android, Weka, Apache Tomcat, QT are the open source softwares developed by Java.


Another open source programming language which is very popular and its popularity is increasing more and more. It is a high level dynamic, interpreted programming language. It is an open source engine developed by the Chromium Project for the Google chrome Web browser. Mongo DB, Mozilla firefox, Mozilla Thunderbird are some of the open source softwares developed with JavaScript. It can be assigned a medium openness score and it does not have much importance.


It is also an open source programming language which is popular and is a dynamic, general purpose programming language. It supports functional, object-oriented and imperative styles. Now its popularity is declining slowly and steadily. Ruby on Rails, a server-side web application framework and Merb, a precursor to Ruby on nails are the important open source projects that are developed using Ruby.


It is a compiled programming language that is developed by Apple, mainly for the IOS and macOS platforms. It supports functional, object oriented and imperative styles. It is a very popular compiler infrastructure project and it is one of the Swift compilers is provided by LLVM. It is an important open source project and it is the chief rival of GCC. WordPress for IOS, Firefox IOS apps, etc are some of the open source software written by Swift. A problem with Swift is that it is more inclined to helping Apple products only.

Importance of Open Source Programming Languages

The most important part of using open source languages is that they are very cheap to use. You don’t need to hire high level coders to write programs and with a basic knowledge of these languages you can easily write programs in them. This is one of the major causes of them being used so widely. Due to this reason there are various platforms and communities which connect people who code in these languages. This is helping coders of these languages and is helping them grow.

There are lots of people who have done wonders using their programs in these languages and that motivates more and more students to learn them and use them. The great advancement in this language is opening new and shorter ways of fixing things. The error fixing is very quick and easy due to the same reason.

Open source programming languages are nowadays easy to learn as now the technology has become very advance so if you are someone who does not know anything about open source programming languages then you can start with HTML and CSS rather than any programming language as it will then become easy for you to learn about open source programming language.

HTML will help you in talking to the web browsers as then you will be able to embed text, images and codes into your code which a browser can understand and then it can give you response. On the other hand CSS means Cascading Style Sheets and it is responsible for styling and formatting. It will basically look after how the web page will look. With the help of HTML one can create website or blog within minutes.

One can make web applications with PHP as it is very easy to learn. If you don’t want to learn serious programming then you can learn basic programming with the help of Scratch. It was first introduced in US and in the classrooms so that kids can learn basic programming.

Go ahead and learn these languages through various online courses. All the best!

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