Bayesian Logic in Artificial Intelligence

With the advent of the i8n technology, the machines are slowly replacing human beings in many fields. We have already witnessed that in many factories or industrial sectors, machines have already replaced the manual labor, making the work easier and swifter. This is the reason why the incorporation of machines in other fields became so desired that scientists came up with the idea of replacing the human intelligence with an artificial one.

Here comes the theory of the concept of Artificial Intelligence!

What is artificial intelligence?

Artificial intelligence can be described as the behavioral intelligence of the machines which brings out the effective contrast between them and the human intelligence. The idea has proven to be quite beneficial in the field of engineering and other branches of technology.

The conceptual idea has been derived from the knowledge of probability, statistics, technological sciences and a bit of physics. However, a logic that works too often in AI is the Bayesian logic.

What is a Bayesian probability?

According to the theory of Bayesian probability, instead of considering the number of chances or its frequency as the deciding factor, the expected futuristic value is considered to be the one. This particular concept is applied in areas where logic comes in handy and plays a major role in controlling the phenomenon.

This is the reason why Bayesian logic has become so popular in the field of Artificial Intelligence.

What is Bayesian logic in Artificial Intelligence?

The Bayesian logic states that the probability of the occurrence of an event can be found if the value of another event is known, provided that they are dependent on each other. The dependency establishes a mathematical relation between both the events, thereby making it possible for the technicians and other scientists to predict the knowledge which they like to have.

Artificial intelligence uses the knowledge of uncertain prediction and that is where this Bayesian probability comes in the play. This theory is used to predict many mathematical values based on the data that are already within the radar of access. AI comes with the demand for the application of proper reasoning and this part is played by the Bayesian logic, as the calculations and algorithms related to it, creates a rational and realistic approach.

The Bayes theorem helps the AI robotic structures to auto-update their memory and their intelligence. This, in turn, makes the predictions more accurate and a practical application of this conditional probability is established.

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