Artificial Intelligence in the Insurance Industry

Artificial Intelligence in Insurance Industry -magoosh

For customer experience, the least innovative area is the insurance industry, which implies that customers are disappointed and dissatisfied with their interaction. However, things are definitely changing, and artificial intelligence is playing a large role. Fast-growing technology has the ability to interrupt the entire industry that helps to improve insurance customer experience.

AI is being increasingly used in the insurance industry in the following processes:

Customer service

Chatbots work with the help of messaging apps, that already exist on many customers phone, which makes it a natural step in customer interaction. In order to truly be effective, chatbots must have natural language processing and sentiment analysis so they can understand what customers are really asking. Effective chatbots compute queries that can be typed or spoken by customers and gives personalized service. In the insurance space, chatbots can be used to answer basic questions and resolve claims, as well as sell products, address leads, or make sure customers are properly covered by their insurance.


In place of the outlay of valuable time and money on the underwriting computation, which typically invades questions and surveys about to read out premiums, artificial Intelligence could self-operate the entire process. Bots could potentially scan a customer’s social profile to gather information and find trends and patterns. For example, someone who has a healthy lifestyle and a steady job may be able to be connected to being a safer driver, which could lower insurance premiums. AI can analyze data better than humans to more accurately predict each customer’s risk, thereby providing customers with the right amount of insurance and companies with protection from risky customers.

Fraud detection

According to the Federal Bureau of Investigations, insurance fraud is the second most costly white-collar crime in America and accounts for more than $30 billion in losses every year. There are startups and companies coming up who are utilizing historical data and running Machine Learning algorithms on this data in order to detect frauds. Instead of relying on humans to manually comb through reports to catch inaccurate claims, AI algorithms can identify patterns in the data and recognize when something is fraudulent.


Artificial intelligence and machine learning are huge concepts in data science. They are being increasingly used to automate various day-to-day processes. For instance, intelligent complaint management systems are now being used that can easily look at the various complaint emails and automatically segregate them into various departments like underwriting, claims, surrender, etc.

To summarize, the insurance industry is on the verge of disruption. The visionaries believe that Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning will completely change the face of the fast-growing industry to something it has never been before.

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