5 Most Helpful Data Governance Tools

5 Most Helpful Data Governance Tools -magoosh

Data governance is managing all the data of the organization. As most business decisions are based on data and consumer behavior, it is important to manage the data carefully and efficiently. If you manage the data efficiently, it can answer most of the crucial questions of business and thus, can increase the effectiveness and productivity of the business. Every leader and manager are concerned about managing the data in the organization. According to KPMG and Pitney Bowes:

  • 69% of global leaders (CEO and CIO) says data and analytics are important for any business.
  • 56% businesses changed their business strategy to effectively use the data and analytics.

Although the importance of data and its usage is known to everyone, still only a few of the organizations are using it effectively. The reasons could be varying from the organization to organization, but most frequent reasons are the lack of skills, reliable tools, and a systematic approach.

While governing the data effectively, an organization should focus on following areas:

  • Systems of data collection
  • Quality or Truthfulness of data
  • Integrity of data
  • Security of data and data servers
  • Preservation of data

If the organization is small, you can use Excel, R, Python etc., to govern the data. But when the organization is a larger one, it becomes tedious to manage the data with these tools. Here is the list of data governance tools which can help to manage the data effectively.


Protection of data is very important as it gives you competitive advantages. Semantic data loss prevention is one of the best data governance tools available in the market. It uses advance Data Loss Prevention technique to protect the data.


It helps a user to consolidate and organize the data centrally so that information flow throughout the organization should be uniform and quality should be maintained. It also reduces the total cost of owning and maintaining the data.


When you require a cross-organizational data governance tool, COLLIBRA is the best alternative for you. It can securely provide access to the organisation’s data to the users such that the user can easily access, collaborate and comprehend the meaning of it.


It combines the features of Agility Product Information Management to help a user to maximize the value of the data. It also addresses critical areas such as defining data elements and building hierarchy.


SPARESFINDER provides a cloud-based solution which helps users to get a connected solution and help them to build and maintain accurate, 24*7 automated and available and consistent spare parts data.

You can find many more solutions in the market but while choosing a correct solution, you need to consider the requirement of your organization, relevant cost and whether the skillset is available or not in your organization.

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