When Will I Get My CPA Exam Results?

The hard part is over. You’ve studied for two long, arduous months, perhaps while simultaneously working a full or part-time job.  You have sat at a testing center for nearly four interminable hours.  And you have sacrificed the social life you thought would be improved by your post-collegiate income level.  Now you just need to know whether you received a score above a  75.  So when will you get your scores back and find out if all your hard work has paid off and you have actually passed this section of the CPA? Unfortunately, this will all depend on when you took your test.


When you take your exam affects your score release

As you may or may not know (although I have a hunch you do), the CPA exam is only open for test scheduling during the first two months of each quarter.  Effectively, that means that when planning out a strategy to pass all 4 tests in 18 months (the maximum time allowed to pass all 4 exams), you must be aware that you will be unable to schedule tests during 6 of these months. Since the third month of every quarter (March, June, September, December) is referred to as the grading period, the timing of your exam during the quarter will determine how quickly your exam scores are released back to you. The closer you take your exam to the previously listed “grading period” months, the faster you will get your scores back. Scores are released 4 times during each testing window.

Score release schedule for Q1 and Q2 of 2016:

CPA score release - magoosh


This information can be found on NASBA.org.

The dates above indicate when your score will be released to the state board of accountancy from NASBA, but sometimes the board will require an additional day after the published dates above to process the exam scores. For example, after taking the BEC exam, my score was not released until almost a week after the intended release date. Supposedly this can be common, as there is a written section on the BEC exam that can require further human analysis and the opinion of another scorer.

If you have not received your score on the release date above, know that the turnaround time may be different in each state, and that sometimes there can be a scoring inquiry that requires further investigation from graders. In my personal experience, I received all of my scores, with the exception of BEC, a day before the expected release date (which I found to be nice, as I spent a good 3 hours that day refreshing the page to see if I had passed!).


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