Tips For The Day Before CPA Exam Day

It’s easy to think the entire day before the exam should be spent studying, but hear me out: you should definitely take some time to just chill. Being relaxed and in a good mindset for the exam is key. Use these tips for the day before CPA exam day to whip you into the best shape possible for tomorrow.

Day Before Tips

Get A Few Hours Of Studying In

I know the temptation can be there to study all day, but try to keep it to a maximum of four hours. Here’s the thing: if you haven’t learned something solidly by now, you aren’t likely to learn it the day before the exam. You should be well-prepared and ready to take the exam tomorrow.

Go over concepts you know will be tested (i.e. higher level stuff), but don’t get too intricate. I recommend waking up in the morning and having breakfast and coffee and then studying for a few hours. Then be done for the day.

Get Out And Have Fun

Use the rest of the day to do something you enjoy. I lived in Southern California while I was taking the exams, and would go to the beach, take a walk, or hang out by the pool during the day. You could go for a hike, spend time with friends, or get some retail therapy in.

Enjoy A Good Dinner

What do you consider a good dinner? I would always order a salad to go from California Pizza Kitchen, bring it home, and enjoy it while watching one of my favorite movies. Cook, go out with friends, or order in, whatever works best for you.

Also, make sure your dinner is relatively healthy. You don’t want those sketch chicken wings coming back to haunt you at one in the morning. Eat something you know your body will agree with.

Go For An Evening Walk

Walks are a great way to both digest and manage stress. Walk by yourself only if you’re really good at not thinking about CPA exam related topics. Otherwise, walk with a friend and chat about topics unrelated to the exam. After weeks and weeks of nose-to-the-grindstone studying, it will be nice to take time to catch up.

8 Ways To Manage Stress

If you’re worried about feeling too stressed out during your off time, try some of these activities to clear your mind and put you in the best state for your exam tomorrow:

  1. Meditation
  2. Coloring
  3. Reading
  4. Gardening
  5. Building Something (break out the Legos)
  6. Playing a Musical Instrument
  7. Writing
  8. Work Out

For me, working out is key to managing stress, although those new fancy coloring books are fun too (seriously, why is it so hard to not color outside the lines?). Do whatever works for your stress management.

Now that you’re all prepped for the day before the exam, find out what you should do on the day of! And good luck my little CPA friends!

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