The North Carolina CPA License Process

As many of you, aspiring North Carolina CPAs, know, William Gaston and Mrs. E. E. Randolph beautifully crafted North Carolina’s state song, The Old North State. In 2001, as a young lad living in Texas and attending elementary school, I mistakenly assumed that the Petey Pablo’s Raise Up was North Carolina’s state song (Oops!) 🙂 You know how the song goes, “North Carolina! C’mon and raise up. Take your shirt off. Twist it ‘round yo head. Spin it like a helicopter.” Petey Pablo would get me going. I was super jealous of what I thought was your state song. Every time I heard “North Carolina!” I would go crazy and take off my shirt and spin it around my head. Good times! So now that you have finished the CPA Exam and are looking forward to becoming a licensed CPA, try it yourself. Right? Isn’t it so much fun!

North Carolina!

Your state will forever hold a place in my heart. When I thought my heart melted with Petey Pablo, you stepped up your game and brought none other than Cam Newton and the Dab. You can be eating a bowl of cereal, and out of nowhere, there is a dab. Unlike the dab’s predecessors such as the nene and the stanky leg, the dab offers maximum flexibility for your busy life as an aspiring CPA.

Did you dab with Cam? It’s okay. I did too 🙂 Alright, enough about the Raise Up and dabbing, we have some super serious business to talk about today. For you to enjoy the letters CPA behind your name, you need to pass the exam on North Carolina Rules of Professional Ethics and Conduct, satisfy your work experience requirement, and submit your licensing application. 

The Old North State Licensing Process

In order for you to get the pretty three letters CPA on your business card, you need to complete the North Carolina Accountancy Statutes and Rules, including the Rules of Professional Ethics and Conduct. The North Carolina Association of Certified Public Accountants offers these courses. To gather information on these courses, please click on the following link:

As far as work experience is concerned, North Carolina offers several options that vary in terms of length of and type of experience. One year of work experience in accounting under a licensed CPA or four years of work experience in teaching accounting or working in accounting not under a licensed CPA qualifies for the work experience requirement. To document your experience, please complete the Experience Affidavit Form.

Once you have your ethics exam and work experience completed, you are on your way to becoming a CPA. All that is left for you to do is to fill out the Original North Carolina CPA Certificate Application. You will need to make sure that you submit $100 and a 2” x 2” passport photo (remember to smile 🙂 ). Additionally, this application must be notarized, and you will need to include a Certificate of Moral Character, Experience Affidavit Form, and a certificate of completion from the North Carolina Accountancy Statutes and Rules course. Please keep in mind that you will need 150 credit hours to become a licensed CPA. Although you could have passed the CPA Exam with a four year degree (120 credit hours), you will need to ensure that you earn the extra 30 credit hours. If you have any additional questions about licensing requirements, please visit and your state board for up to date information. As always, remember to breathe.


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