Should I Take a CPA Prep Course?

“Should I take a CPA prep course?” you ask. While I do not specifically endorse any of the test prep products discussed in this post, I would highly encourage that you use a CPA test prep course of your choice to successfully pass the Uniform CPA Exam. The CPA Exam is very, very difficult. Although you could pass the CPA Exam without a CPA test prep course, you would most likely be at an extreme disadvantage because (1) you would have a lack of exposure to CPA Exam style questions and (2) you may not have experienced all the topics covered on any given section of the CPA Exam in your coursework at the college or university your currently attend or attended.

Mr. Bean: The Exam

As you can see Mr. Bean is not having a great test day experience 🙂 To ensure that when you sit for the CPA Exam you do not feel like Mr. Bean here, you should use a CPA test prep product. Now, the CPA test prep product marketplace includes several products that differ in terms of content, delivery, pass rates, price, etc. However, some of the more well-known CPA test prep products include Becker, Ninja, UWorld Roger CPA Review, Wiley, and Yaeger. It is very important for you to become comfortable with the test prep product that you will eventually be using. Several of the test prep products mentioned above have free trial periods or demos. Please consider testing the products out before committing to any specific product.

Mo Money Mo Problems

Notorious B.I.G. understands that the more money your CPA test prep product costs the more problems you may have financially 🙂 CPA test prep products can be expensive. We are talking in the ballpark of thousands of dollars. As a result, perhaps the biggest determinant of should you take a specific CPA test prep course is which test prep product does your future employer have a relationship with and is willing to pay for in full or at least provide you a significant discount. For example, Deloitte, EY, KPMG, and PwC all have a relationship with Becker. Depending on your current financial position and future employment situation, your decision as to which product that you should use may be mostly decided for you. To gain additional insight, ask your employer or companies that you are actively recruiting with about their CPA test prep policy. As always, remember to breathe.

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