Should I Read CPA Exam Forums?

Very soon, you are going to be all too familiar with the many CPA exam forums out there. And, believe me, there are a lot. As you try to navigate your way through each exam, they will probably be your go-to in order to gain insights and hear first-hand stories.

There are definitely pros to reading the exam forums; they may enlighten you on something that you didn’t know even existed. But it’s important to keep how much time you spend on them in check.


Use Them To Get The Information You Need

Maybe you’re looking for tips on Task Based Simulations or aren’t sure the best way to go about studying for REG. Type that into your search engine and you’re bound to find a forum where people are talking about those exact questions.

Read what people have to say, but be cognizant of when your question has been answered. Once it has, close your browser and keep studying.


Use Them For An Emotional Boost

There is a huge community taking the CPA exam at any given time and forums are a great place to connect with that community. Share your personal struggles and encourage others to continue pressing forward. If you’re feeling down about the exam, try to find forums that are uplifting and promote the idea that, yes, you can actually do this.


But Keep In Mind, Reading Them Isn’t Studying

While we are huge fans of the benefits of the CPA exam forums, it’s really easy to spend hours on them without even knowing it. You get on there to find out which exam is the hardest, and before you know it, you’re reading about the best way to calculate bond interest for FAR.

You’ll probably spend way too much time on forums when you first start studying. I know I did. I wanted to know as much as I could! But I quickly realized that studying was the best use of my time, and I started to regulate how often I read forums. I would only allow myself to get on them once a day and I was only allowed half an hour.

If the draw is still too much for you, unplug your internet modem. That’ll save you from Facebook and Twitter distractions too. Win-win!


And Don’t Get Discouraged

Initially, forums were kind of a downer for me. I would get on them and read about all these people who were still trying to pass years after they started studying. And I would think “I can’t do this”.

Don’t let this happen to you.

Remember, everyone who takes this exam is different. You can’t accurately compare yourself to anyone else out there because you are unlike anyone else. As long as you’re putting in the time that you need to succeed, you’ll be completely prepared for the exam.

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