REG CPA Exam Duration – How Long is the Test?

No, no you are not late. You can leave the butter, the jam, and the lemon behind 🙂 You are just in time to learn about how long is the Regulation (REG) section of the Uniform CPA Exam.

Current Version: REG CPA Exam Duration – How Long is the Test?

As of now, REG is a 3 hour, 180 minute, or 10,800 second monster that is comprised of 72 multiple choice questions and 6 task-based simulations. The multiple choice questions make up 60 percent of the weight of the section, whereas the task-based simulations make up the remaining 40 percent of the section. Specifically, REG covers your favorite topics on Ethics, Professional, and Legal Responsibilities; Business Law; Federal Tax Process, Procedures, Accounting, and Planning; Federal Taxation of Property Transactions; Federal Taxation of Individuals; and Federal Taxation of Entities. Who wants a REG test day timeline? Love your enthusiasm! Consider using the following timeline:

Testlet 1: 36 minutes

Break: 3 minutes

Testlet 2: 36 minutes

Break: 3 minutes

Testlet 3: 36 minutes

Break: 3 minutes

Task-Based Simulations: 63 minutes

This timeline equates to 1 minute and 30 seconds per multiple choice question and 10.5 minutes per task-based simulation. If you find you need more time on the multiple choice questions or prefer having fewer breaks, consider changing the timeline to benefit you the most.

New Version: REG CPA Exam Duration – How Long is the Test?

Word on the street from AICPA, there are going to be some changes to the beloved CPA Exam. Starting April 1, 2017, there will be a “new” CPA Exam. Specifically, the “new” REG section will have 76 multiple choice questions and 8 to 9 task-based simulations. You may be thinking how in the world will I have enough time for four more multiple choice questions and two to three more task-based simulations? Great point! You probably would not have enough time. Fortunately, the “new” REG section will be four hours as opposed to three hours. That’s right. You get one more hour 🙂 With this newfound added time, the “new” REG section will also include what is known as a “new standardized break.” This break lasts 15 minutes and will not count against your testing time. If you want more information about the “new” REG section, check out the Practice Analysis Final Report. As always, remember to breathe.


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