Missouri CPA Licensing Process

MIZ! ZOU! MIZ! ZOU! It feels great to be chatting with you, an aspiring Missouri CPA. You showed the CPA Exam who is boss. You are about to show the accounting community what the great state of Missouri has to offer.
Mizzou Missouri CPA Licensing Process
If it’s not obvious, I love the state of Missouri. From going to summer camp in Missouri to attending college at–you guessed it–Mizzou, I have had many great experiences in the state of Missouri. So let’s give some love to the state that I love by checking out…

The Show Me State CPA Licensing Process

Similar to the process in other states, you need to pass the AICPA Professional Ethics Exam by a score of 90 percent or higher. This exam is composed of 40 multiple choice questions and is open book. For more information about the ethics requirement, please visit http://pr.mo.gov/accountancy.asp.

As far as work experience is concerned, Missouri requires that you have one year of accounting experience in public accounting, industry, government, or academia, which equates to no fewer than 2,000 accounting related hours. If you want to provide attest services, you will need an additional year or 2,000 hours in attest related work. Have your supervisor fill out sections three and four of the Application for Initial License to Practice Public Accounting Form in addition to the Endorser-Experience Addendum Form.

Once you have your ethics and work experience completed, you only have one step left before becoming a CPA in Missouri. All that is left for you to do is to fill out the rest of the Application for Initial License to Practice Public Accounting Form. You will need to make sure that you submit the application along with $90 to the Missouri State Board of Accountancy. You can visit www.thiswaytocpa.com and your state board for more up to date information.

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