How Many Hours Should I Study for the AUD CPA Exam?

Wassup 🙂 How are you doing? Are you getting excited to sit for AUD? I mean are you excited to literally sit while studying for AUD? You wanted to know, “How many hours should I study for the AUD CPA Exam?” I have a great guestimate for you. The CPA Journal recommends that you study 100 hours for AUD. That’s right! 100 hours. You better level up your Pikachu now because you may be stuck in Pallet Town for a while 🙂

How Many Hours Should I Study for the AUD CPA Exam?

Likewise, these are some of the tools, you will need to succeed as a CPA Exam candidate. Specifically, hard work and determination in preparing for the AUD section of the Uniform CPA Exam will help you pass with a 75 or higher. Having taken the following courses will also assist you in determining if you need more or less study time as compared to the point estimate of 100 hours: Auditing, Advanced Auditing, Internal Auditing, Accounting and Information Systems, Corporate Governance, and much more. It is important to note that the amount of prep time you need for AUD may decrease if you did very well in these classes and understood the material. Conversely, you may need an additional amount of prep time if you took these classes and struggled, took these classes and had an easy professor, or did not take these classes at all.

Yeah boy 🙂 Other factors that you should consider when deciding how many hours to study for AUD include your ability, your understanding, your study habits, the time since you last took the course, the course rigor, and other potential omitted factors. Remember the goal is to take AUD once and pass it the first time. As much as you do not want to run the risk of CPA Exam burnout, you want to avoid the alternative of understudying and having to retake AUD. With all of this in mind, plan accordingly. Adjust as needed. Be flexible. As always, remember to breathe.



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