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Requirements to sit for the CPA Exam

In order to sit for the CPA exam, you must first decide in which state you wish to take the exam. The state you select should be the state in which you plan to work in. Each state has different requirements related to education, residency, and age. As long as you’re able to meet the […]

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How Do You Apply To Be A CPA?

Applying for your actual CPA license can be more convoluted than the exam itself. I naively thought that the second I passed the CPA exam, I would have a certificate and license en-route to my house from the Pennsylvania Board of Accountancy the next day. Unfortunately, I was very wrong. From the time I passed […]

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How Much Does the CPA Exam Cost by State

Get your checkbooks ready because we are about to go shopping. This is the moment you all have been waiting for. No, we are not shopping for Fendi purses, Apple watches, or Montblanc writing instruments. We are shopping for something much more intangible, the CPA Exam. You may be wondering. “How much does the CPA […]

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