Illinois CPA License Process

Chi-town! Illinois! You have passed the CPA Exam and you are so, so close to becoming a licensed CPA. All you need to do is just a few more things. Becoming a CPA is not too different than becoming an Auror in the wizarding world of Harry Potter, besides the defense against the dark arts. Speaking of Harry Potter, I wonder what my doppelgänger has been up to since you know the whole defeating Voldemort thing. Word on the street is that he is interested in visiting the Windy City because he is an avid Cubbies fan 🙂  You are probably wondering, “Harry, I mean Andrew, how on Earth do you know this?” That’s an excellent question! No big deal or anything but Harry and I are on the same wavelength. I know what you are thinking, but no, he doesn’t read my mind or use a spell to communicate. Instead, we text or use facetime. It is much quicker and more consistent than using magic. Thanks Sprint! But anyways, Harry likes to maintain a relatively low profile, so when he’s in public he goes by the name Daniel Radcliffe. You may have heard of him. If you have not, here’s a quick video to give you, yes you, the inside scoop.


Alphabet Aerobics

Now, that was furious fat fabulous fantastic. Somebody needs to call the Ministry of Magic because Harry, I mean Daniel, just dropped some lyrical spells. Fortunately or unfortunately, you, an aspiring CPA, do not have to worry about spitting Blackalicious Alphabet Aerobics. However, if you can, mad respect 🙂 Instead, all you have to worry about are passing the AICPA Professional Ethics Exam, obtaining your work experience requirement, and submitting your licensing application. With a little bit of magic, let’s hop on in.

The Prairie State Licensing Process

In order for you to get the pretty three letters CPA on your business card, you need to pass the AICPA Professional Ethics Exam. This exam is composed of 40 multiple choice questions and is open book. To ensure that you receive credit for your ethics exam, you need to score a 90 percent or higher. For more information about the ethics requirement, please visit

Once you have completed the AICPA Professional Ethics Exam and the Uniform CPA Exam, you will receive a certificate, which is different from a license. To receive a license in Illinois, you will need to accumulate one year of accounting experience under a licensed CPA, and your supervisor will complete the Verification of Employment/Experience documenting your one year of accounting experience.

Once you have your ethics exam and work experience completed, you are on your way to becoming a CPA. For most candidates, all that is left for you to do is to fill out the Acceptance of Examination Form. If you have any additional questions about licensing requirements, please visit and your state board for up to date information. As always, remember to breathe.

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