Finding A CPA Test Center

There are a million stresses that go into taking the CPA exam. From studying to scheduling to waiting for (sometimes delayed) scores, the amount of focus can be exhausting. I know how it feels. That’s why I like letting you in on ways to make your CPA life easier.

When I first started delving into CPA intricacies, I had absolutely no clue. I learned as I went and I’m ready to impart that knowledge on you. So, without further adieu, I’m going to help you find the perfect CPA test center.

Navigating The Prometrics Website

Finding a CPA test center might sound like an easy game, but finding one close to your home with testing slots that work with your free time (and study schedule) makes the process more daunting. Luckily, Prometrics is an absolute doll about helping us find our ideal location and time.

So head on over to the Prometrics website for the CPA exam. On the home page, click “Locate a Test Center” in the box at the top. Enter your country and state, and your specific exam. Next, enter the zip code where you want to take the exam.

Keep in mind, you can take the exam anywhere in the United States if you are applying for a license in the U.S. For example, I took two exams in California, one in Ohio, and one in Kentucky, even though I’m licensed in Kentucky. That’s the beauty of the uniform CPA exam.

Selecting A CPA Test Center

You’ve probably entered your zip code and found several testing centers near your city. So which do you choose? I would start by clicking on the “Availability” link on the right side of each location. Maybe you want to take your exam in the morning but the first testing center has no morning availability. Go through each one and see which availability works with your schedule.

What If The Closest CPA Test Center Is Far Away?

I know people who live in Bishop, CA which is, to say it nicely, in the middle of nowhere. So I entered “Bishop, CA” in the search bar and found that the closest testing center is 140 miles away. Not exactly a leisurely morning drive.

My advice? Go a day early and get a hotel room. Or find a testing center near someone you know so you can stay with them. I definitely would NOT schedule an afternoon test and make the drive both before and after the exam. You’ll just exhaust yourself, and you’ll need all the rest you can get before this exam.

In the end, find a testing center on Prometric that works with your location (or a location you can get to) and your schedule. On the day of the test, eat a few hours before and get there early (and using the bathroom before the test might not be such a bad idea). And remember, you’ve already put in the time and the effort. Go crush it!

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