FAR CPA Exam Tomorrow

So, you have your FAR CPA Exam tomorrow. Considered the toughest and the roughest section of the Uniform CPA Exam, FAR is a beast of its own. But, you have been preparing. All of your hard work and determination will pay off tomorrow with added confidence. Today, while you still have some time, let’s discuss what you can do to succeed on the FAR CPA Exam tomorrow.

What to Do the Night Before Your FAR CPA Exam

Repeat after me: “I will not cram today. I will not take a practice exam today. I will only review the fundamentals.”

Great! It sounds like you have the drill down. Cramming and taking practice exams are big no no’s the night before the FAR CPA Exam. Let your brain refuel and be rejuvenated for when it matters tomorrow. Reviewing the fundamentals via flash cards and mnemonics are great ways to refresh without putting your brain over the edge.

Additionally, relax as best as you can today (but avoid the liquid courage!). Instead, consider having a nice bubble bath, spending time with your family, or eating a nice dinner.

Ron Swanson FAR CPA exam tomorrow

No, not Ron Swanson style.

Consider indulging on some fresh fish or walnuts. Feeding your brain some brain food will make it a happy camper tomorrow. Additionally, avoid the caffeine in the afternoon and in the evening. You may already have some pre-FAR jitters. Consuming caffeine the night before FAR may amplify your stress and it can keep you rolling around wide awake in bed. Maximizing your sleep time will help you feel refreshed come test day. Help you help yourself by getting an ample amount of sleep.

What to Do After your FAR CPA Exam Tomorrow

Here’s the moment we have all been waiting for. Are you ready to party? Let’s see your best dance moves.

Carlton celebrate FAR CPA exam tomorrow

In all seriousness, though, you should have some plans to relax post-FAR, let loose a little bit, and let your hair down. Having studied for weeks on end, you need some down time. Also, looking forward to down time can help keep you calm and collective during the exam. By focusing on the great time you are going to have after FAR, you can help prevent some potential CPA Exam burnout. As always, remember to breathe.

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